Busan: A Laid Back City with the Most Gorgeous View


Busan is the second largest city in South Korea. It may not be the first city that would come to your mind when you think of the country as Seoul is more popular to tourists. However, it also attracts both locals and foreign visitors because it has so many things that it has to offer. It has a more laidback feel that Seoul without stripping you of the fun and comfort that a bustling city offers. If you want a more relaxing environment than the busyness of Seoul, this is the place to go. Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t miss out on your trip.

Buy Fresh Fish at Jagalchi Fish Market

Busan is popular for being a seafood haven. Sample the fresh and delicious fishes and other seafood products that the market has to offer. You may also try some on the spot as there are small stalls that offer raw and cooked foods. The locals also frequent here so you’ll get to mingle with them and get a closer look at their way of life. If you visit in the month of October, you’ll also have the chance to witness the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival.

Have Fun Under the Sun in Haeundae

This is the biggest beach in the country and it attracts visitors all year round. Since it would be cold during winter, the best time to visit would be during summer when you can swim or try various water sports. Your eyes will also feast on the beautiful seascape and the fine white sand. A few steps away from the sea is the Seafood Village where you can choose your preferred seafood product from the tank and have it cooked for you. This is the freshest seafood that you can get.

Witness the Romantic Fireworks at the Gwangwan Bridge

This bridge is surrounded by top tourist destinations such as Dalmaji Hil, Gwanganri Beach, Mt. Hwangryeong and Oryukdo Island. If you are visiting these places or somewhere that you can have a good view of the bridge, make sure to spend some time during the night to look at the bridge. You’ll witness colorful, majestic and romantic fireworks display that would make you in awe. If you’re traveling with your sweetheart, there’s more reason on why you shouldn’t experience this.

Check Out Taejongdae Resort Park

Taejongdae Park

This rock beach has a trail that would let you go to the peak of the hill and enjoy the most amazing view of the sea. There’s a lighthouse and a forest surrounded by over 200 types of trees. You can have a picnic while enjoying the cool sea breeze. There’s also an observatory and temples, as well as food tents in case you forgot to pack your own snacks or lunch.

Visit the Yonggungsa Temple

Yonggungsa Temple

It’s located in the north-eastern part of the city. What makes it different from regular temples is that it’s located along the shore line, whereas other temples in the country are located in the mountains. This temple is popular to locals in New Year as many go here to make their wish. You’ll also enjoy seeing the beautiful Cherry Blossoms in case you visit in the month of April.

Sample Street Foods at Changseondong Meokja Golmok

You’ll find a wide selection of street foods around Busan and one of the most popular places to have a food trip is Changseondong Meokja Golmok or known as the Let’s Eat Alley. Sit in the colorful stools as you are served with traditional Korean cuisines. Some of the dishes that you can try are japchae, kimbap, pajeon and tteokbokki. The prices are very affordable so you could explore and sample a lot of the local foods on this street.

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