Essential Things to Do Before Heading to Bangladesh for a Trip


Bangladesh is one of the least traveled nations in the world. You can’t blame people for their fear in visiting the country. It’s one of the poorest and densest countries. The crime rates are high and walking on the street as a foreigner seems to be a problem.

The truth is that Bangladesh is a great country and has a lot to offer. If you intend to visit Bangladesh soon, you’re making the right decision. You will be one of the few people to have visited this populous nation. These are the things you need to do before heading there.

Visa on arrival is available for almost all nations

You need to check your country’s visa requirements before you arrive in Bangladesh. You can get a visa upon arrival for only $50. The only problem is that it could get too crowded and disorganized. If there’s a Bangladesh embassy in your home country or where you currently reside, you need to get a visa in advance. It’s easy and stress-free. Once you arrive at the airport, you can immediately head out.

English is still a popular language

Bengali is the country’s first language. Almost everyone speaks this language. However, you don’t need to learn it if you go there. English remains a popular language, and you will find it easy to converse with everyone on the street in English. Just keep the words simple and easy to understand.

Cricket is everywhere

Cricket is the country’s official sport and is a big deal for everyone. Everywhere you go, kids are playing cricket. Whether it’s on the highway or alleys, everyone finds a way to play the sport. It helps to at least know the rules of the game so you can spend time playing with everyone on the street.

Locals will be curious about you

Bangladesh is mostly a homogenous country. Everyone is of South Asian origin. Therefore, if you’re someone who doesn’t look like the rest, they will be curious of you. They might even greet you even if they don’t know you. Be kind to them since most of them probably don’t have any bad intention. They would love it if you respond to them and be nice.

Booze is okay


Yes, Bangladesh is a very religious country, but booze isn’t completely off the table. You can still find expat bars in Dhaka where you can have a few glasses of drinks. Beer is also very cheap.

Prepare yourself for transportation

Dhaka has one of the busiest streets in the world. Public transportation is also terrible. You need to prepare yourself to stay on the street for a long time if you wish to visit different places. You also have to start early.

Bangladesh is a great place to visit. Despite these issues, you still need to give it a chance. You will be surprised with what it has to offer. You will even learn to love every facet of it.

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