Fun Things You can Do in the Small but Wealthy Country of Luxembourg


Luxembourg is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. It is a small country with less than 600,000 residents. Despite the size, it has a lot to offer. Therefore, if you are thinking of the perfect place to go on a vacation, you might want to consider this country. These are among the fun things you need to do while you are there.

Visit the Grand Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace

It is still the residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. It is place where he performs his duties. However, it is only open from mid-July until the start of September and you need to be in a guided tour to visit the palace. Therefore, you need to plan your visit to have the chance to enter this historic place.

Visit historic sites

You cannot leave without seeing the Statue of William II. He ruled the country from 1840-1849 and gave it its first parliamentary constitution. Visit the Place Guillaume II if you want to see the statue. It is also interesting to note that two sculptors were behind the statue. One of them created the figure of William II while the other one created the horse.

You also need to visit the Luxembourg City Hall. It is a neoclassical building that was finished in 1838. Before that, it was a monastery. It is a celebrated place since it has witnessed several changes in the country over time.

For a more religious trip, you can head to the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin. It is also known as the Notre Dame Cathedral. This place holds the deceased members of the Grand Ducal family. It is also one of the most popular places of worship in the country.

Have lunch and sweet treats at the Chocolate House

If you are near the Grand Ducal Palace, you might as well have your lunch at the Chocolate House. You can choose from tons of chocolate dishes and drinks. Regular lunch that does not involve chocolate is also available.  Therefore, if you want to eat lunch and have the dessert without moving to another place, you can go to the Chocolate House. The best part is that their dessert slices are usually huge. You cannot get enough of what they have to offer.

Appreciate stunning views at Chemin De La Corniche

If you want to see the best viewpoint of Luxembourg City, you need to visit this place. It was built by the Spanish and French. You can go there during the day to see clear views of the city, but you also need to go back at night to appreciate the beautiful lights. It is considered as the most beautiful balcony of Europe.

You will appreciate Luxembourg once you finally go to the place. You need to remember though that it is an expensive country. It is also one of the rarest places on Earth with a high density of millionaires living in the same area. Therefore, you need to prepare enough money.

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