How Not to be a Problematic Tourist Who Causes Problems to the Locals

Problematic Tourist

Being a tourist is a good thing. You contribute to the economy and help business owners and everyone who relies in the tourism industry. However, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you’re the good guy. You might be doing things that could harm the locals. Here’s what you should avoid if you don’t want to be a problematic tourist.

Be responsible of your trash

The problem with many tourist destinations is they only look good on photos. Once you get there, you will realize there are too many people and you can barely take one great shot. You don’t want to contribute to the problem by throwing your trash anywhere like most other tourists. You want to be responsible in disposing of your trash. Find the nearest bins or keep the items first while waiting to find one. You also want to keep the destination looking pristine for the next visitors.

Follow the rules

If you’re visiting places like museums or art galleries, you must obey the rules. You don’t want to ruin historic pieces or expensive items because you were unruly. If told to be quiet, you must do it. If flash photography isn’t allowed, you have no choice but to use natural light. You also don’t want to get into trouble because you didn’t follow the rules.

Drink moderately

When you’re intoxicated, you might do things you will regret. You also become difficult to deal with. You might even cause the destruction of properties. Whether you’re at a bar or a restaurant, you will be a problem among the staff. You will also turn away potential customers because of your behavior. Try to drink moderately and stop when you’ve reached your limits.

Be friendly


You might experience culture shock or the locals’ norms might be different from yours. However, it doesn’t mean you will ridicule them or show you’re more superior. Whether it’s religious differences or food preferences, you have to be respectful. Try your best to be friendly to the locals. Learn some words in their language and be grateful if they show good deeds. Sure, some might only be doing it since you’re a tourist, but it’s still a wonderful gesture. There’s no reason to be rude.

Don’t spread bad words about the destinations

If you didn’t feel satisfied with the experience, talk to someone in the area. Express your disappointment and seek explanation. Don’t vent out online and express your frustration immediately. You don’t want to prevent others from visiting the destination because of your negative reviews. Remember that the employees also rely on their jobs working in the tourism industry. You’re hurting them more than anyone else.

Try your best to display good behavior. It’s not only about causing troubles with the locals. You also represent your country. You don’t want people to think everyone back home shares your attitude. You’re only a tourist and you will be out there after a few days while the locals clean up your mess.

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