How to Make Genuine Friends While Traveling

Making Genuine Friends

There’s nothing wrong with your desire to make friends while traveling. You’re in a different environment and have the chance to meet with new people. While you will only be there for a few days, you will still have the opportunity to forge lifelong friendships. If it’s something you wish to experience, these tips will help.

Be approachable

When people ask questions, try to respond. When you walk around certain areas and you see people smiling at you, try to smile back. You don’t need to have a small chat. Just be polite and kind. Of course, you can’t trust everyone you meet. You still have to be selective. However, there’s nothing wrong in having a more approachable appearance and gesture.

Be present

When you’re always on your phone, you will miss the chance to have friends. Your objective is to connect with your friends back home and online. Being present means that you look around you and appreciate the beauty of your chosen destinations. It also includes meeting with other people and forming friendships.

Be flexible with your schedule

It’s understandable if you have an itinerary. You want a guide to help you stay on track. Again, your trip will only be for a few days. You don’t want to miss certain destinations because you didn’t follow your itinerary. However, you should also learn to be flexible. Set a time when you don’t have to visit a specific place. It’s a chance to mingle with the locals. When you find someone you can have a wonderful conversation with, keep going. Don’t cut it because you have to do something else based on your itinerary.

Join travel groups

Join travel groups

Not all online apps for meeting people are all about dating and forming romantic relationships. You will find travel groups where people meet for fun as they’re heading to certain destinations. It’s all about experiencing the new place together and making the most of it. When you travel alone, you should try joining online travel group apps.

Learn a few words

Another way to start friendships is by learning a few words. In some countries, you will find it hard to speak with people if they only know their local language. If you know a few words, you can at least have a conversation starter. You might even know more as you go along. Locals will appreciate tourists like you who extend an effort to know their language and culture. It’s also another way of showing that you immerse yourself in the experience.

Stay in hostels

As long as you can guarantee safety, there’s nothing wrong in staying at hostels. You will join other people in the same room. Make sure there are safety vaults where you can keep your valuables. It’s easier to make friends when you’re with other tourists.

Forming friendships during trips is rare, but possible. Be open to the idea and go along with it. Just prioritize safety above everything else and the rest will follow.

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