The Quietest Tourist Spots Around the Globe

Quiet Tourist Spot

They say silence is golden when the time is right so quiet tourist spots can help a lot for when you need to tune out the rest of the world. Secluded spots are great for self-reflection, but most of the time, cities don’t provide that kind of secluded feeling. All the noise and light pollution make it almost impossible to fall asleep at times. Every once in a while, you need to take the time off and explore yourself through absence of sound. Here are some of the world’s most silent places. Warning: a lot of these places are difficult to get to because of their relative distance away from big and heavily populated cities.

Papingo, Greece

For travellers that enjoy hiking and picturesque mountain views it can be hard to find a secluded mountain path. Greece, while famous, still hides some of the most sights to behold. Papingo is a small town high the Greek mountains but its been known to attract some adventurous folk. Situated close to numerous hiking paths and mountain peaks, the village itself is very sparsely populated. Drakolimini, or Dragon Lake, is a particularly peaceful part of the mountain. If you wish to take a rest after a couple of days of hiking, you can then enjoy a bit of swimming around the many pool resorts.



Greenland is one of the least populated locations in the world, but it’s still got some unique sights to visit if you get the time. The small little snow covered villages in Greenland are all color in different shades. When you look at one, it feels like a sharp contrast against the stark contrast of snow. The people are also generally very kind to tourists as not many people come by here. The only problem here is that touring the great white north can be trick so luggage transport will cost you a little extra because they’ll need boats to keep things moving. However, Greenland is one of the quietest locations around the world. It’s cold, snowy, and very special for those who know where to look for secluded spots.


Wherever you may head in Mongolia, you’ll always be surrounded by solitude and a lot of nature. The lack of major cities make the stars pop out, and if you’re lucky enough to find a river, then you can expect it to be very clean. Camping here will be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. The one trick to this plan is that you’ll have to look for a nomadic tribe who would be willing to take you on this journey. Of course, it will be worth every penny you spend on the trip because it is relatively cheap to get there.

Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana


Sometimes, quiet means going to places where nature thrives despite of all the civilization popping up around it. Moremi Game Reserve is an excellent example of nature keeping things quiet. During the dry seasons when rain isn’t so common, the animals tend to gravitate towards lakes or creeks where water is more accessible. If you get the right tour guide, you might even be able to find a few private places where animals congregate away from the rest of the swamps.

Samboja Lestari, Borneo

Borneo, while slowly growing as a country still has a few and fair features it hides from the world. While a lot of its forests are being cut down illegally. Samboja is found far from the populated and dangerous locations around Borneo. It also happens to be found right smack dab in the middle of a rehab center for orangutans who have been displaced from their natural habitats. The hotels found around the place will feature miles of green forests that tell you how isolated the place really is.

Just a few days away from the noise of the world and you’ll certainly find that the time away will be worth it. So why not check out Moremi, or maybe camp out on the steppes of Mongolia? Whatever you may choose, you’ll be sure to find that secret and quiet tourist spot for you and your loved ones to call your own. Make sure to plan ahead and make sure to keep track of any changes to your flight or travel itinerary.

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