Reasons for Visiting Antarctica Soon

Reasons for Visiting Antarctica Soon

You might have travelled across the various continents around the world. However, there is an elusive continent without any permanent resident that you are yet to visit- Antarctica. For a very long time, no one lived in this place. It was too hostile for people to live. Over the years, scientists tried living in the area for research purposes. Recently, travel agencies have opened tour packages in the continent. As such, you need to make the most of the opportunity to visit this wonderful chunk on Earth.

Unique species

When you think of Antarctica, you immediately think of penguins. They live by the thousands across Antarctica. It is a huge continent and since there are no human inhabitants, a lot of animal species were able to thrive. Of course, they need to survive the difficult weather first, but penguins are accustomed to this. You can even see up to 250,000 of them gathering in the same place during the breeding season.

Huge chunks of ice

Huge chunks of ice

You will be amazed with how much ice can be found in Antarctica. The icebergs are tall, thick and heavy. You can never find the same amazing piece of land anywhere else in the world. It is like a huge area of plain white view which looks so heavenly.

Be among the first

Over the years, only a few thousand people from around the world have been to this continent. Imagine having billions of people living in the planet, but only a few thousands were able to see the beauty of Antarctica. Be among this exclusive list by booking your trip now.

Kayak in a quiet place

You might love kayaking because the activity allows you to remain calm and quiet. Imagine doing that in a deserted piece of land with no inhabitants. The serenity is a lot better. Of course, you will see some animal species along the way, but they will only make your experience better.

24 hours of sun

Due to the geographical location of the continent, it has unique weather conditions. It also has unique sunrise and sunset patterns. During the winter season, the continent is closed for tourists as the weather could be really harsh. However, during the summer season which runs from November to March, you will have the chance to access it. During these months, there is enough ice melting to allow access. The unique experience is that during summer, you will receive 24 hours of daylight. You still need to sleep while you are there, so it is obviously a challenge. During the winter, it is the exact opposite. Hence, no one really wanted to go there during the winter.

In the end, this experience is worth having. Yes, it might cost you a lot since you have to travel to different places before reaching the cruise that will take you to the continent. You also need to allot several weeks to complete this trip. However, once it is done, you can say that you have had the best time of your life- an experience most people you know never had.

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