Traveling During the Hurricane Season: What You Need to Know

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season vary in every country. If you already know in advance the months in which hurricanes form over a particular area, you can easily cancel your trip and look for other places instead. However, it can be a bit tempting considering how cheap the travel cost is during this time of the year. Hotels tend to drop their prices and so do airlines.

The good thing is that with weather monitoring devices getting better these days, it is easier for you to track the progress of the weather and still push through with your trip. Regardless, it is best to take extra precaution if you intend to push through with your trip.

Get travel insurance

It helps a lot if you get travel insurance so you will feel more confident during your trip. You or your family members can claim for the insurance if something wrong happens during the trip. Make sure the insurance is comprehensive enough so you won’t end up with nothing after going through a rough holiday.

Monitor the weather using an app

Hurricane App

There are several weather apps for you to choose from. The good thing is you can easily monitor the weather with these apps. You have to check the weather both in your place and your destination. If the weather keeps deteriorating in your destination, you might just have to cancel the trip. However, if it gets better, you now have a motivation to pursue the trip. Just take note that even the most modern devices could not be very accurate. Storms are pretty unpredictable.

Look for an evacuation center

If you have decided to go on with the trip anyway, make sure that you look for an evacuation center. You can’t just weather the storm inside your hotel. It is not advised unless the hotel itself has been evaluated and deemed safe as an evacuation center by the government. High rise buildings are even more vulnerable during storms. If wind blows at a really high rate, it is even higher when you are on the top floors.

Bring cash

It is possible for power outage to happen during storms. This means that you can’t use credit cards to buy staff. It helps if you bring cash. You can buy what you need when you have enough cash. Be prepared for price gouging. It is illegal, but a lot of business owners take advantage of the opportunity. Just buy what you need until you have finally weathered the storm.

Cancel the trip

Don’t remove this option. If the weather keeps getting worse, you might have no other choice but to just let go of your plans. This is still for your own good. Rest assured, you can easily cancel your reservations and get reimbursed. You can reschedule your trip in a better time. You would rather face this problem than end up placing you and your family’s lives at risk.

Not all the times, traveling is a good idea. You need to make advance research not only on the hotel and airline reservations, but also on the weather during your chosen time for the travel.

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