A Guide to Bird Watching Every Newbie Must Know About

Bird Watching

Bird watching can be a fun and exciting hobby. You will see unique and colorful birds. You will also have a deeper understanding of their world. Many people even travel to distant locations to look for specific bird species. If this is a hobby you wish to pursue, here are some things you need to know.

Start in your backyard

There’s no need to travel internationally or hike a mountain if you want to start bird watching. If you’re new to the hobby, you can use your own backyard. Set up a bird feeder to invite birds to come over. You will start falling in love with them and it gives you the fuel to consider bird watching as a serious hobby.

Get a guide

You should know what you’re looking for. Some birds look the same, but they have minor differences. You must know the sounds they make, size, color, and other extraordinary features. Get a guide that can also serve as your checklist. You can tick off the box the bird that you’ve already seen. Take your time to study the guide when you have free time. Mobile apps are also available for convenience.

Buy excellent binoculars


If you want to take bird watching seriously, you must have excellent binoculars. It allows you to see the birds down to the smallest details. It might take you back about $200, but you won’t regret it. Check if the binoculars come with a waterproof warranty. Be particular of the binocular’s weight too. If you’re traveling to international locations or you have to hike to reach your destination, the size might be an inconvenience. Find binoculars that can catch small birds and will also work well even during the rain.

Check out different locations at different seasons

Some birds migrate and others are only visible at certain times during the year. It helps if you set up your bird watching station in different locations. There’s nothing wrong in hanging out in your backyard, but you should consider expanding once you get the hang of it.

Connect with other bird watchers

It also helps to have connections with other bird watchers. Look for local organizations composed of bird watchers if you want to know more about the best places to find the birds. You can also ask for tips. Being in the same circle as people who are as passionate as you are also feels satisfying.

Be a morning person

The best time for bird hunting is during the day. Birds are easily rattled and they don’t like being too close to humans. You can find them early in the morning when there isn’t too much movement around. It’s also more convenient to do this hobby in the morning since it’s not yet too hot.

With these tips, you can soon get started with the hobby. It might be challenging at first, but you will realize how fun it is. Bring your family members or organize a trip with other bird watchers.

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