Take Yourself Off the Web by Visiting Doing These 6 Activities


monastery-nepalIn this age when everyone seems to be connected online, it is quite impossible to get off the internet. Every now and then, you can have access to fast speed internet. For some, surviving a few hours without checking their phones is impossible. To challenge yourself, here are 6 of the best places where getting internet connection is quite difficult. They are also amazing places that you would not even want to miss a part of the experience.

Join the monks in a monastery in Nepal

Whenever there are monks, loud noise and technology are definitely incompatible. You are not allowed to make loud noise in this area. Monks pray almost all the time. Hence, they need peace and quiet. You can also join meditation sessions while you’re there.

Get to know the Huaoranis of Ecuador

The Huaoranis tribe of Ecuador lives in the Amazon river. Though the river is long and it is connected to the rest of the world, the place is totally unconnected to the internet. Therefore, you can arrange a trip there and get to know more the locals. You can learn their language and practice their lifestyle even just for a few days.

Appreciate the wildlife in Tanzania


If you visit the Jongomero camp in Tanzania, you have a great chance of seeing wildlife such as elephants, giraffes and lions. The thing though is that you are not allowed to bring your gadgets throughout the trip. They don’t allow phones to avoid startling the animals. You can only connect to the internet again once you have returned to the base.

Enjoy the sun at Cook Islands

This small island in the Pacific has a lot to offer. From its pristine beaches to the beautiful marine organisms, you will definitely be amazed with what you will see. Add to that the fact that there are not a lot of people going there. Getting connected to the internet is also quite a challenge if you’re there. Hence, you can totally enjoy the beauty of nature.

Walk around the streets of Havana

Recently, the United States has opened its relations with Cuba again. It means visiting the country won’t be that difficult anymore. You can go to Havana and appreciate its streets that seem to have been frozen in time. Since Cuba has been under an oppressive regime for a long time, a huge part of it has no internet connection at all. It is the least connected country in the West. It is perfect if your goal is to enjoy a trip without going online.

Join the Amish in Pennsylvania

It might seem impossible that there are places in the US that still don’t have good internet connection considering that the country is the most progressive and wealthiest on earth. However, the Amish community in certain places such as Pennsylvania is totally off the grid. They don’t even have electricity. It is as if they stopped growing since the medieval period. It is their culture that disallows them from indulging in any form of technology. Hence, if you want a real taste of rural life, this is the best experience for you.

If you survive your trip to these places, you should be very proud of yourself.

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