Solutions to Common Travel Related Problems You Might Face

Excess baggage

There are recurring problems when you travel that are not supposed to happen anymore. You have already suffered from the same problem before so it is time for you to put an end to them on your next trip. Here are some common problems and what could be done to stop them.

Excess baggage

How many times have you held your breath while queuing up at the baggage counter? You don’t know if you have exceeded the allowance. You only estimate the baggage based on how heavy it feels. This can be prevented by using a mini digital scale. You just have to attach the bag handle to the scale and it can be weighed right away. It is a cheap device that you can bring with you wherever you go. Others can even be recharged as they come with a USB port.

Neck pain


Traveling for a long time especially on a plane can be a literal pain in the neck. The simple solution is to find the right neck pillow. There is no one-size-fit-all pillow. Everything depends on your preference. You can decide how soft you want the pillow to be and how much support it gives. The preferred option is something that you can easily wash with a washing machine, is strong enough to hold your neck when you are sleeping while sitting and light enough that bringing it with you throughout the journey is not a big problem.

Lost passport

This is something no one wants to experience. You can’t go anywhere when you don’t have a passport. Imagine if you are in another country where you can only stay for a limited number of days. Without a passport, your problem could pile up. The solution is a Bluetooth passport holder. This allows you to track your passport. You might have left it at home or in any other place you have been to. This makes you feel relaxed once you realized that the passport was lost.

You always have a fight

Whether you are with family or friends, it is inevitable to have a fight. The best way to solve this problem is to buy a pillow that you can punch. Instead of getting involved in a major fight all the time, you just have to express your anger and frustration using this pillow. You can also bring it with you wherever you go. It eases the tension and makes you feel better.

Lost luggage

No matter how huge your bag is, it is possible for you to lose it. Worse, airlines have misplaced the bags and it was delivered to a different destination. The best solution is to use a smart bag. This comes with tracking devices so you will know what is going on with your bag. You can even see if it was placed on the right plane. If it was stolen or someone took it from the conveyor belt, you will immediately know it. Name tags are obsolete and will most likely not save the day. You better have this alternative.

With these solutions, you won’t have to feel bad during the next trip.

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