Take a Peek at the Mind of Hotel Staffs and See What They’re Not Telling You

Hotel Reception

When travelling and you don’t have a friend or relative in town where you can temporarily stay, the hotel would be your home. The good news is that there are several hotels to choose from in almost every place that you would go to, so accommodation wouldn’t be a problem. It’s recommended that you book in advance though, especially during peak seasons.

Even though you’ve been traveling for a long time, there might still be some things that you may not be aware of when it comes to these hotels. Here are some of the things that the hotel management or staffs wouldn’t usually tell you.

You Can Get a Better Rate by Booking with them Directly

When finding a hotel and trying to make a reservation, the Internet is a powerful tool to make things faster and more convenient. Most people go to travel agency sites to make their bookings. However, since hotels pay these agencies for every reservation they make, you may not get the best possible rate.

Most hotels have their own website. Check out their sites and get their number to call their front desk directly. You may be able to negotiate for a lower rate or you may ask some freebies in advance like free water bottles, which may be billed to you if you didn’t ask for free ones.

Tips are Much Appreciated

If you have extra cash, be a little nicer and give your housekeeper a tip. Since they are on rotating shifts, it’s best to give a tip each day to make sure that the person who cleans the room gets something. By doing so, they would make your room extra clean and organized. If leaving the hotel, don’t forget to put a note on your tip and place it under the pillow on the bed. This way, housekeepers would know that it’s for them.

More Stars Doesn’t Always Equate to Better Service

When you think of five star hotels, you may automatically think of luxury and the best service. Well, it’s luxurious in a way that there are several amenities and features for a more comfortable and lavish stay. However, this doesn’t mean that they give the best service. This is because the number of stars given to hotels is based on the number of rooms and their sizes.

Hotels Are Not As Clean As You Think

Yes, hotel rooms are cleaned daily. However, they are not as spot clean as they may seem. If you see a glass in your room and you plan on using it, make sure to wash it yourself. These glasses are often not washed the way you would wash it if it was your own.

It would be great if you can bring your own sanitizing spray or wipes so you can wipe things clean by yourself, including the remote control of the TV. The remote control may seem not risky, but it’s something that has been held by all the people who ever used that room and it’s something that’s not often cleaned.

It Wouldn’t Hurt to Ask for Discounts

As the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, the answer would always be a no”. If you’re wondering if you can get a discount or a lower rate, ask the front desk agent or maybe ask the supervisor on duty. You may be surprised on the savings or extras that you may get for free if you do, especially when it’s off season.

Moreover, you’ll get a cheaper rate on independent hotels than on big chain hotels. You are also paying for its name, so if you want to save cash, go for a lesser popular hotel. If you do your research, you could still find one that offers comfort and great service without the high price tag.

Arrive Early and You Might Just Get an Upgrade for Free

Hotel Room

If you’ve made a reservation, you may be able to talk the front desk agent for a free upgrade. Be nice as this is your golden ticket to getting a better room without spending more. See if it’s possible that you’ll be moved in a room with a better location. Again, it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Remember these tips the next time you book on a hotel for your trip.

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