The Pros and Cons of Using Cash, Credit Card and Debit Card When Travelling

The Pros and Cons of Using Cash, Credit Card and Debit Card When Travelling

Have you decided which monetary form to use on your trip? Is it better to bring loads of cash? Are credit cards safer? The answer to these questions depend on the country where you are planning to visit. There are pros and cons in each option. You need to be smart in determining which type you will use.



This is the most common way to pay in many countries. If you have cash with you, you are safe. You can use it for almost any transaction. The down side with cash though is that you might have the tendency to spend more. The money is with you. If you have found something really interesting, you won’t mind buying it right away because you have the capacity to do so. Cash is also a security risk since it can be easily stolen. In some countries, the value of their currency is too low that you need to bring lots of cash with you just to buy something which is equivalent to $5.

Debit cards

The good thing about having a debit card is that it cannot be easily stolen. Even if you lose it, you can have it canceled easily. It is also a money that you already have. For instance, other people got over security checks and used the card, you will lose the value, but at least you won’t be in debt. In case you need to pay something in cash, you need to find an ATM nearby and you are good to go. The transaction fees are exorbitant, but at least you can pay whatever you have bought.

The down side is that the cards might not be acknowledged in certain countries especially if the cards were locally issued, and your bank does not have international affiliations. Visiting rural parts of the world, finding an ATM is also a huge challenge. The worst part is when you use it as payment for certain goods of huge amount. If you decide to return the goods, it would take time to get a refund.

Credit cards

They are quite popular since you can just swipe it when you want to buy something. If the card is stolen, you can quickly call your bank and the card is canceled. You can replace it later once you have arrived home. Credit cards with Visa or MasterCard affiliations are acknowledged in various parts of the world. You can also make cash advance using your credit card. These days, making reservations or buying tickets are done online, and having credit card is an advantage.

On the down side, you might be at risk of having your financial information stolen when you use your credit card to pay scammers. Getting cash advance will also entail a lot of free, plus a bad currency exchange rate. You also have to notify your banks before your trip or else your card will be declined. There are also some countries that don’t accept credit cards at all as they only use cash in all transactions.

It is best to have cash and cards with you when travelling. You use whatever is best. Don’t bring all of them when you are sightseeing. Leave some in a safe place inside your hotel. There are apps that allow you to make payments too. Utilize them since you only need to use your phone to complete the transaction.

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