Tips to Remember Before Visiting the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Visiting the Galapagos Islands to see the unique flora and fauna is an adventure of a lifetime. People who want to see how beautiful the place is don’t mind how challenging it is to get there. If you’re one of them, these are some tips to remember before traveling.

Decide when to visit

It’s always best to visit during the summer since it’s easier to go around. However, some animals are more visible during the rainy season. Determine the objective of your trip before booking a flight. As long as you have enough time to go around the archipelago, it’s a good time.

Book early

Many people want to visit the Galapagos Islands. The government only limits the number of people who can go there to protect the animals. The current COVID restrictions have also made it even more difficult to plan the trip. Therefore, it helps if you plan at least six months in advance. Work with local tour agencies to avoid stressing out.

Research the place first

Research the place first

You need to know what the archipelago has to offer before going there. You might feel overwhelmed with the number of destinations available. Researching ahead will let you know what your priorities are. You can also inform your tour guide about the places you wish to visit first.

Don’t pack a lot of things

You’re up for an outdoor adventure. Avoid bringing too many things with you. Carry only the essentials. Besides, if you’re taking cruise cabins, you have limited storage space. Cruises and hotels usually provide the equipment you need if you decide to go snorkeling. There’s no need to bring your personal equipment with you.

Always wear comfortable clothes

Again, you will be outdoors all the time. It can also get hot at times. Bring comfortable clothes. Remember that you will be trekking to see different places. Leave your formal attire behind. You won’t use it throughout the trip.

Prepare yourself for seasickness

You will constantly travel to discover different places. If you chose to go on a cruise, you have more reasons to prepare for seasickness. Besides, you probably have a limited time to see the entire archipelago. You should be quick. Take medicines with you to avoid feeling dizzy.

Always respect the wildlife

You’re only a visitor. You don’t own the place. Respect the plants and animals that thrive in the area. Always keep your distance. Follow the guidelines when interacting with certain animals. Don’t turn your camera’s flash on. Never feed or touch the animals.

Keep yourself hydrated

With the nature of this trip, you will most likely feel exhausted the whole day. Bring a water bottle with you. There might be no available potable water in the places you decide to visit. You also don’t want to get sick due to dehydration.

With these tips, you can start planning your trip. It’s an adventure of a lifetime, and you should make the most of it. You can boast about this trip to your friends and inspire them to embark on the same adventure.

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