Things to Do if Your Boss Keep Denying Your Travel Request

Travel Request

It’s frustrating when your request to go on a trip always ends up getting denied. You’re excited that it’s finally happening and ends up getting canceled. If your request has been denied multiple times, here’s what you must do.

Submit your request earlier

Perhaps, you only request for the trip days before your scheduled adventure. Your boss is right for denying it. Finding someone to cover you won’t be easy. There might also be someone else who has submitted a request before you. The only way for it not to happen again is if you submit earlier.

Find the right dates

You might also keep requesting dates when there’s too much going on at work. Your boss can’t say yes to your request if everyone will be busy and you’re having fun. It’s not fair for people who are left behind. It’s also not a good look on your boss. Everyone might throw accusations of bias and favoritism. Check the calendar and schedule your trip at the right time.

Ask your boss why

Ask your Boss why

You can’t just accept the denied request and move on. Unless you know the reason, you can’t correct your mistake. You will continue receiving denied requests in the future. When you understand the reasons, you can find a way to pursue your trips soon.

Raise the issue to your HR

While your boss is powerful and can decide the fate of your trips, you still have your HR. Even your boss is still under company rules. Abuse of power can be a reason behind the denial of your request and there needs to be an explanation. The HR will investigate your concern and determine if you have a valid reason. Of course, it comes with a risk since you’re going to have an awkward relationship with your boss moving forward. However, if you need to get that well-deserved break, it’s the only choice. Otherwise, it will be a vicious cycle.

Be willing to get an unpaid leave

Some entrepreneurs are too tight when it comes to money. They don’t want the company to lose anything because of employees who can’t work. While it’s unfair, they might find a way around it. Therefore, if you’re willing to continue your trip without pay, your boss might say yes.

You deserve a break since you work hard. If you receive one or two rejections, it might be understandable. The company might have tons of busy days around your chosen dates and your presence is needed. However, if you keep on getting denied, it’s time to do something.

Everyone needs time off from work. You should also recharge before you can keep going. It will also benefit the business in the long run. No one wants a grumpy employee or someone who can’t do the job right. If you can’t get the needed vacation leave, it will eventually take a toll on you. The overall culture regarding vacation days must also change and you should step up.

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