Tips to Overcome Jetlag if You Need to Get Back to Work the Next Day

Tips to overcome Jetlag

There are times when you really want to travel but you have a limited number of days for traveling. As a result, you maximize whatever time you have and even schedule flights that are quite late. Even if you have work on a Monday for instance, you still book a long flight that lands on Sunday evening. For sure, this will cause jetlag.

You only have a few hours to rest or in some cases no more time to rest and you need to immediately prepare for work. Here are some tips to help you get through this situation.

Don’t go too far from your body clock

If you are already used to the idea of waking up early in your home country, try waking up around the same time. This helps you adjust quickly when you go back. However, when you are in a totally different time zone where the difference is close to one day, you can follow this trick. As you go easy, wake up early so you can get the morning light. If you go west, you need bright lights so you can stay awake for a later time zone. After heading back to your home country, try to be exposed to the sun as much as possible. At work, you can take a pause just to walk around.

Exercise during the day

Exercise during the day Jetlag

If you still have time before heading to work, try to exercise. This stimulates blood flow so that there will be more oxygen in your blood. It allows your brain to stay sharp and alert. Avoid exercising 3 hours before bedtime though as it could make you fall asleep.

Don’t drink coffee or alcohol

When you are traveling the world, there is nothing wrong in having fun or in partying as much as you want. However, if you are already close to your flight, try not to drink coffee or alcohol anymore. They can just throw you off your rhythm and prevent you from adjusting quickly upon return. Drink more water instead.

Give yourself some time

The biggest misconception is that recovering after a long flight is quick and easy. The truth is that there is really no definite amount of time for you to fully recover. Some people only takes hours before they can adjust again. Others would take days and they still feel dizzy. The point is that you should go easy on yourself. Don’t force yourself to recover when you are not yet ready to do so. Don’t expect a miracle and be well the following day.

Focus on your job

In order to forget how you feel physically, try jumping to your job right away. Make sure that you focus your attention on one thing so you avoid feeling confused and disoriented. Take your mind off how you currently feel. This makes healing faster.

It is really tough if you are asked to get back to work the next day when you are still experiencing jetlag. However, you have no choice as you can’t file for extension on your leave. You have already consumed the allowable number of days. You can only own up to your decisions and make the most of the situation.

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