Top Alternative Travel Locations You’ve Never Heard Of

Alternative Travel LocationThe beauty of the world is that no matter how many places we explore, we’ll never see every nook and cranny it has to offer. Even now, caves are being found, hidden tribes are slowly revealing themselves, and the deep sea is only just showing off its secrets. This is why when you explore the world; it might be wiser to forget about those tourist destinations. Instead, you should take a step back and consider your alternative travel locations. Why not go to the mountains of Peru, or maybe the hidden beaches of the Philippines? However, if you’re having trouble looking for a place, here are some of the alternative travel locations around the world.

Margaret River, Australia

If you’re into beaches, but don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of famous locales, then you’re in luck because Australia’s got unique vacation spots. Margaret River is absolutely filled to the brim with great looking landscapes, gorgeous clear water, and tons of local flavors. There are wineries and breweries galore. In fact, you just might say that this is the best place for the college kids looking to enjoy a summer by the river.

Coimbra, Portugal

Not everyone enjoys the breeze of the ocean or the sound of crashing waves. So, for those that like the urbanite, college life, Coimbra has something special in store for you. This city used to be an old capital, but is now a university town that openly welcomes college kids from across Portugal. Since this is a place for the young, it would be best to visit this place when you have a ton of energy. It would also be a wise idea to head on over after the school year’s ended because the students will be sure to show you new places.

Rovinj, Croatia

Croatia’s always been a famous country because of its rolling waves and gorgeous beaches. However, popularity has made this place saturated, and it’s almost impossible to find unique vacation spots. Rovinj offers tourists an alternative travel location. The small town has everything Croatia has to offer compressed into one picturesque village. Since the place is found in the northern part of the country, it gets less publicity so you can actually relax when you hit the beaches here.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland

 For a really strange destination, nothing can really beat the northern parts of the world. There, beers flow freely, people party harder, and for some reason, those same folk are a lot more relaxed. In Reykjavik the nightlife is extremely wild, but the parties are often contrasted by the beauty of the snowy landscape. Since the country has very little people, you can expect a lot more tourists around when you visit. However, this unique vacation spot has enough charisma to prove its worth.

Bergen, Norway

If you’re still interested in hitting the northern hemisphere, but Iceland seems too far, then Norway is the next best spot to check out. Bergen’s a great place for people that love art and music. At the same time, nature lovers will fall in love with the green forests that surround the town in totality. There’s also a Viking festival for those that want a taste of that Old Norwegian culture. Lastly, the people around Bergen are pretty kind hearted and welcoming so you’re sure to have a fun time there.

Smolare, Macedonia


Macedonia hasn’t been a hot topic for decades, but in some ways, that can be a good thing. Now that there are a lot less people in the cities, there has been a rise in townships that grow around good destinations. Take for example the town of Smolare, with its scenic views of the tallest waterfall in all of Macedonia. Besides the waterfall, there are still hundreds of lakes to see and hiking trips you can take when visiting the old country. The only downside is that Smolare is located outside of the city, and there are no hotels in the village itself.

So there you have it; some of the places you might find totally gorgeous. There are still hundreds of beaches and villages you have to check out, but those places will be saved for another time. Why don’t you start planning your trip today and explore new locations that you’ve never seen?

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