Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality When Flying

Sleep Quality

Many people don’t fight it easy to sleep on a plane. The space is too small, and turbulence can happen any time. For nervous flyers, it’s even worse. The slightest shake could already start to cause panic. If you’re on a long-haul flight, these are some tips to help you improve your sleep quality while flying.

Choose the right seat

Choose the right seat

If you don’t want anyone to disturb you while sleeping, you need to choose the window seat. You can sleep throughout the flight, and it doesn’t matter if the people next to you are going to the toilet. The only downside is that if it’s your turn to head to the toilet, it’s challenging.

Keep everything away from you

Limit your carry-ons so you can place them on the overhead bin. Otherwise, you have no choice but to keep them with you on the seat. Considering how limited the space already is, you will find it even more difficult to sleep comfortably.

Cut down on caffeine

Make sure that you don’t drink coffee on the day of your flight. Caffeine makes it difficult for you to sleep. Alcohol intake should also be avoided. Even if the flight has beer on board, you need to avoid it. You might fall asleep, but it reduces your sleep quality.

Bring your own neck pillow and blanket

Not all flights offer free pillows and blankets. If they’re not available, you will feel good that you brought one yourself. You can also guarantee that you have something clean.

Use headphones

Choose noise-canceling headphones. It’s easier for you to sleep when you can isolate yourself. You start by not hearing loud noise until you find it comfortable to go to sleep.

Recline your seat

It’s easier to sleep when you’re close to a lying position. Reclining your seat would help. However, since planes have a limited space, reclining your seat might bother the person behind you. It could even cause conflicts. Therefore, you need to be courteous if you want to recline your seat.

Don’t think about your travel plans

You already had enough time to think about your travel plans. The flight isn’t the right time for you to think about them. If there are last-minute changes that you need to deal with, you can do them upon arrival. When you bother yourself with the challenges you need to deal with, you will find it difficult to sleep.

With these tips, you can finally take a break while flying and sleep comfortably. Once you landed, you will spend several exhausting days traveling or engaging in a business trip. You might even have to start your plans as soon as you leave the airport. The flight is your opportunity to relax and feel comfortable.

You can also bring with you some books to read or movies to watch. However, they’re not recommended if your goal is to sleep throughout the flight. You want to stop doing other things so you can sleep quickly.  

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