Ways to Prevent Insect Bites When Traveling Overseas

Preventing Insect Bites

One of the reasons why you are not advised to travel to certain countries is that you might suffer from insect bites. This seems like a shallow reason but you don’t know exactly what types of bugs are present in many countries. Those simple bugs could be carrying viruses that are fatal.

Nevertheless, you still want to continue with this trip and there is nothing wrong with it. You just need to do the right thing prior and during the said trip.

Get vaccinated

There are vaccines that can protect you against certain viruses and bacteria. If you are traveling to certain countries, the types of vaccines that you need would be specified. Take the necessary shots as prescribed or else you will put yourself in danger.

Wear the right clothing

Wear long sleeves and pants while you are in another country especially at night. Mosquitoes for instance bite people at dusk or after dark. You better protect yourself with the right type of clothing. However, you need to remember that mosquitoes that are carrying diseases like dengue fever usually bite people during the day. You better wear long-sleeved clothes and pants throughout the day. Tuck your pant legs in your socks and your shirt in your pants to prevent bugs from getting inside and biting you.

Use the best insect repellent

Use the best insect repellent

Not all insect repellents have the same bite prevention qualities. Choose one that has DEET as it is an active ingredient that is really effective in pushing mosquitoes. Some mosquitoes can bite through your clothes especially if you are wearing thin clothing. Therefore, if you are using mosquito repellent on your skin, you should do the same for your clothing.

Check your hotel room

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your chosen hotel room. You have to protect yourself even when you are sleeping. The place must be in a great location. It must also be well-maintained. Even if you are to spend more for accommodation cost, it would be just fine since your health is more important. Make sure that the hotel has screened windows. Bring bed netting if possible to have more space between you and the insect. Nets with insecticides that were pre-screened are really effective.

Determine emergency numbers

In the event that you need to see the doctor or you are feeling something irregular in your body, you should have emergency contact numbers. This helps you call the doctor right away so you can get medical help. Don’t delay it since bug bites can get really serious quickly. Before you know it, you are already in great danger and you are putting your life at risk.

It also helps to know where your country’s embassy is and how you can get there so an emergency trip can be arranged right away. Again, you can’t wait any longer when it comes to serious medical issues.

Hopefully, your trip will be fine and nothing wrong would happen. In the event that there is a problem, you need to determine the best steps to save yourself.

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