Should You Leave Your Job to be a Travel Vlogger?

Travel Vlogger

Some people think it’s an excellent idea to leave everything behind to be a travel vlogger. They believe it’s time for change and being a vlogger could be an excellent career choice. Besides, several people have proven it’s possible. Before you decide you will do the same, you must understand the possible consequences. You should also prepare for all possibilities.

You need to build your brand first

It’s essential that you build a strong brand first and earn views before deciding to leave your job. Take short weekend trips and vlog about them. You will then see if there’s a potential for a successful vlog. If you can’t build your audience despite working hard for months, it’s a big risk to leave your job.

You should stand out

You won’t be the first travel vlogger out there. It’s a crowded niche and you must find a way to stand out. Even the places you think about visiting have already been visited by someone else. Therefore, it’s important that you offer something unique. You can gain more followers if you present them with a new perspective.

You must have savings

Once you resign from your job, you won’t have a stable income source anymore. You should have sufficient savings to help you get through the financial challenges. Make sure your savings are sufficient until your channel starts to monetize. It could take a while. Even when you start earning, the amount might not be big enough.

You should be passionate about traveling and vlogging

You should be passionate about traveling and vlogging

You must learn that choosing vlogging as a career can be challenging. You have to constantly post updates on your channel. Since you chose to travel, you also have to prepare yourself for it. Hence, passion is necessary. You can’t do it because you think you will get rich by doing it. Take your time to reflect on your brand and conceptualize your channel. Focus on delivering quality content and let the earning be a bonus.

You must be patient

Again, the idea of making money by vlogging doesn’t happen in a snap of your finger. It takes time to build your audience. You should be patient. Keep working until you feel satisfied with your followers. Use various tools to promote your brand. You can even ask help from the people you know to help build your channel and make it more popular. It could take months or even years to get to where you want to be. If you’re not patient enough, you won’t have a successful career in this industry.

Don’t rely on controversies

You might think that you can create a name by relying on controversies. You can make a video go viral by doing something stupid or ridiculous. The truth is you will only damage your brand by doing so. You will earn people’s ire and they won’t support you. Going viral is possible without relying on controversies.

Take your time to think about this decision. It won’t be easy and you have to take it seriously.

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