How to Create an Outstanding Travel Vlog

Travel Vlog

Traveling is more exciting when you consider vlogging. It’s also an excellent way of recording these events and sharing them with others. The best part is you can make money with these vlogs. The amount earned is useful to fund your next trips. Here’s how you can make an outstanding vlog.

Have a theme

You will find tons of travel vlogs out there. People don’t hesitate to share their travel experiences with others. However, not all are worth seeing. Having a general travel vlog might also be boring. It looks similar as many other channels. Find a unique theme to cover when you travel. Some people focus on their dining experience. Others interview locals. You may also head to places that aren’t usually featured in vlogs. Look for ways to stand out and be consistent.

Be energetic

Be Energetic

Bring the people with you in the experience. The best way to do it is by being a ball of energy. You want everyone to feel like they’re in the journey with you. When you lack energy, no one will be interested in finishing the video. If you’re not into it, how can others feel the same? It doesn’t matter how exhausted you are. You must continue showing energy.

Edit the video

You can’t publish travel vlogs raw. Sure, there’s a certain charm to these videos, but you can add more effects to embellish the footage. You can also remove unnecessary sounds that might irritate the viewers. Editing will also highlight the part of your trip that you want others to focus on. You can learn how to use video editing apps or hire someone to do it.

Don’t make it too long

While your entire trip lasted for several days, you can’t feature each leg in your vlog. You can divide them into different segments, but not in one video. On average, people are willing to watch up to 10 minutes of travel videos at once. You can also ask them to watch out for the next part by uploading it at a later date.

Be honest

Just because you want viewers to feel good about the trip doesn’t mean you will hide the truth. You should tell your entire experience, including the bad ones. You also help others prepare for the worst possibilities if they decide to travel.

Use a good camera

The key is to have a camera that makes everything look good. It should also be outstanding at night. Some of your travel experiences might take place in the evening. The lack of natural light will make it harder to capture the right footage. With a more modern camera, you won’t have an issue. Invest in other equipment too. When you start making money by posting travel vlogs, you shouldn’t hesitate spending on these things. Consider them an investment.

With these tips, you will have travel vlogs that people will go crazy over. You must also provide tips to help future travelers who intend to visit the places you’ve been to. They can spread the word about your travel vlog because you’re such a huge help.

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