Ways to Take Photos in Crowded and Touristy Places

Taking Photos in Crowded Places

It is frustrating to travel to the places that are on your bucket list when you cannot even have one decent photo without anyone blocking the view. You see great images published online so you expect that you are also getting one. After you arrive at the site, you realize that it is way different in person. You need to struggle before you can take at least an okay shot.

Before you get frustrated, these are some tips to help you take quality shots even when there are too many people around the area.

Be patient

Sometimes, you need to take several shots before you get the perfect one. At some point, you will have a photo where no one is obstructing the view. You can also have one where no one is walking towards the camera or making fun of you at the back. Even the bullies will get tired of making fun of you, and decide to walk away until you can have that stunning shot.

Choose the right angle

Even when you are taking a selfie, you can still ensure that it is a quality shot. You can choose an upward angle so that the photo will include your face, the backdrop, but no one else. You can also find areas that are not too crowded and look for something pleasant while you are there. If having a wide shot is a disaster, you can try a focused shot. It is where you find a tiny space that looks stunning, focus on your face, and eliminate everything else.

Blur the background

If you are using a DSLR camera or your phone has a feature that blurs the background in one click, you can use it. Even if there are too many people at the back, the shot will not look chaotic. You will still stand out and the crowd will even be a part of that stunning shot.

Go there early

Go there early

If you already know that you are heading to a place where there could be lots of potential visitors, you need to arrive early. While no one else is there to take photos, you have to be there. You can even decide where to stand so that you will take the best shots. If not, you can wait until the end of the day when everyone else has left. The only problem is that you could lose the precious lights that will improve the quality of the shots.

Befriend the employees

If there are staff or caretakers in the area, befriend them. They will help you find the best areas where you can take quality shots. They might even take you to areas that are not accessible to other tourists so that you can have the best background possible. You might want to tip them too for being nice to you.

With these ideas, you will not be frustrated anymore when you take photos in a place where the crowd is overwhelming.

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