Where Do Broken Hearts Go? 5 Best Places for Broken-hearted People to Visit this Valentine’s

Museum of Broken Relationships Zagreb

No breakup is easy. Even if you say that you have not invested a lot in a relationship, it will still be painful the moment it ends. It is even heightened when it happens this Valentine’s season. When everyone else is in love, you are alone and no one to share the day with. It does not mean though that you have to stay that way forever. Instead of dwelling on the pain, you can find a way to move positively forward and be a better person. By visiting these 5 places to mend a broken heart, moving on becomes easier.

Museum of Broken Relationships – Zagreb, Croatia

This is a weird museum where items left by someone who has left them are kept. They are mostly donations from people who don’t know what to do with those that were left by their exes. Instead of throwing them away or burning them, they donate the items to the museum. They also reveal the stories behind the breakup, although the name of the person involved is left anonymous. You will find almost anything in this museum. From prosthetic leg to false teeth, all things weird are there. The reason for visiting it is that you want to feel like you are not alone in this sad story. A lot of people in this world have also felt what you are feeling right now.

Juliet’s Wall- Verona, Italy

Defense Walls Moat

Though the story of Juliet whose relationship ended with a tragedy is fictitious, the stories written on the wall are real. Teams of volunteers who call themselves Julitettes collect the letters on the wall and try to respond to them by offering sympathy and advice. Of course, due to the number of tourists visiting the place, it is quite a challenge responding to all the letters. Nevertheless, being able to express yourself to a fictitious character when you are feeling down is helpful enough.

Singles cruise to Mexico

What better way to forget about your heartbreak than be in a cruise filled with people who are single? These people all have stories to tell. They might have just broken up. Some others have not yet found anyone to make them happy. There are those who are curious to see how the cruise looks like. Nevertheless, if you just want to have fun under the sun and enjoy partying with singles, this is the best trip for you. Who knows? You might find someone special to end your agony while you are there.

Dolphin therapy- Bali, Indonesia

There was a study revealing that dolphins also have varied emotions just like human beings. They can also feel the pain people feel. If you want to be around intelligent animals who can feel your pain, go for this therapy. You can join the week-long treatment to heal your heart. You will also attend other sessions and trips that will help you completely heal. Aside from those who are suffering from heartaches, this therapy is intended mainly for people who have actual heart diseases. Dolphin therapy is believed to be effective.

Muay Thai boxing- Bangkok, Thailand

Isn’t it better if you can just throw your anger and rage through a physical activity? Heading to Bangkok to join Thai boxing classes will surely ease the pain. The best part about this therapy is that you can use your hands, feet, knees, and elbows. You can surely feel that the anger is gone once you are done with at least one session of training.

Go ahead and travel to these places now and heal your broken heart.

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