Why a Vaccine Might Not Bring Tourism Back to Normal Right Away

Vaccine and Tourism

It’s unfortunate to see several businesses in the tourism industry shutting down because of the coronavirus. The lack of passengers due to border closures forced several businesses to stop operations. The worst part is that there seems to be no end in sight. Things could stay the same because a vaccine is yet to be discovered. Local infections are still rampant and people are afraid to go out. Add to that the various restrictions in place even in areas where the virus is already contained in fears that it will come back.

Everyone hopes that the vaccine will soon be available so things will get back to normal. The sad truth is that even if it happens, the tourism industry might remain shut. 

People will still be afraid to leave home

People will still be afraid to leave home

The discovery of vaccine will most likely benefit developed countries or countries where the vaccine was discovered. They can also afford to mass produce the vaccine so that everyone in the country gets it. The same thing might not happen to other countries. They don’t have means of producing vaccine in large quantities. As such, tourism might still not pick up in these places. 

Some people are against vaccines

Another reason why the discovery of vaccines wouldn’t solve anything is that some people are against vaccines in the first place. Their discovery wouldn’t change anything. Unfortunately, conspiracy theories are all over the internet and they discourage people from taking vaccines. Let’s not forget that some people are even against wearing of masks. Worse, others believe this pandemic is a hoax. The problem with the spread of this virus is that unless it’s contained in almost all parts of the world, it will continue to wreak havoc. With the lack of coordination in some places and an individualistic mindset, things will probably stay the same.

Some businesses have already closed

The issue with the tourism industry is that businesses are interconnected. They rely on some tourist spots to survive. If that attractions is no longer available, the businesses around it wouldn’t survive anymore. Conversely, if the businesses surrounding those areas no longer operate, the attraction wouldn’t be appealing anymore. It’s a chain reaction. The lack of activities will lead to the decline of tourists. Flights will probably cease since no one is going to those places anyway. 

People started to live without tourism

It’s been almost a year since some people got locked up in their homes, or at least within their communities. They’ve learned to adjust with the reality of this pandemic. They no longer care if they can still continue to travel for the rest of the year. The loss of appetite for tourism is going to hurt the industry even further. 

Tourism won’t be the priority 

Due to this pandemic, some people lost their jobs, while maintaining the same bills to pay. If things start to pick up, tourism wouldn’t be first on the list. There are other things that they will prioritize considering the limited finances. 

The future might seem bleak for now, but things could still change. Let’s hope everything improves soon. For now, we can start by thinking about the discovery of an effective vaccine that will be made available as soon as possible. 

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