You Can Do These Activities in London on Your Next Trip

london post office mail railway

How many times have you visited London? Whether you have a business trip or you simply want to relax, London is a great place. However, after some time, you might realize that you are already running out of things to do. These are some of the best suggestions for your next trip that you might want to try.

Take the subterranean mail rail

From 1927-2003, this tube carried millions of mails on the streets of London. It was closed when mails were no longer as popular as they used to. However, in September 2017, it was reopened for the public. You are now allowed to board the replica rail cars. This is not your usual trip though. The ride is way more relaxing than your usual experience riding the subway. It is also traveling in a piece of history that still exists.

Try the surreal House of Dreams

This is a creation of artist Stephen Wright. The house contains a collection of plastic dolls and bottles. It also has Christmas decorations and many other items. It looks fun and exciting, but it can also be a bit creepy. Nevertheless, it is a unique experience and you should give it a try. It is not open all the time though. There are only a few days a week in which it is open for the public so you have to do an appointment first before heading there.

Take a walk in the woods

Dulwich Woods

The Great North Wood is a perfect place for this kind of adventure. From the labyrinth of towering trees to the unusual bird life, the woods are so unique you won’t realize they are just around London. Green parakeets, owls and sparrows are all over the place. You will fall in love with this experience and try it over and over again.

Try sleeping with the lions

This might seem like a scary adventure option, but it is totally fun. If you visit the London Zoo, you can take your experience to an entirely new level by checking out the Gir Lion Lodge. It has 9 colored cabins. From there, you are just a few meters away from the pack of Asiatic lions. This is not your first option for a hotel accommodation, but this is something you might not find anywhere else in the world.

Go for a treasure hunt

There are companies offering treasure hunting services. There are different themes available. From Sherlock Holmes to Snow White, your treasure hunting experience will surely be unforgettable. You don’t need a tour guide anymore since you are challenged to do the tasks on your own. Using those cryptic clues, you can easily search for the best possible places.

You won’t believe all these activities are possible in London. This is true especially if you have been in the city several times. You will now have a different view of this enchanting city on your next trip. Bring your friends with you and see London in a different light.

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