Finding Your Own Type of Pleasure in the Greek Islands

Greek Islands

Greece has 6,000 islands, with 277 of them inhabited. They are one of the main attractions of Greece, as each one has inherent characteristics that make them different from one another. The glistening sand, the warm waters of its beaches, the almost perpetual sunshine, the food, the ruins and the country’s culture present a plethora of attractions that are hard to beat. The prices in Greece are very affordable as well. Going around the Greek islands, you’ll realize that some offer the best in a traveler’s wish list.

Beach lovers would have a field day at Zakynthos, one of the Ionian Islands. It has some of the most dramatic coastlines and fantastic sandy beaches. For plenty of photo ops, Porto Katsiki on Lefkada and Kefalonia’s Myrtos Beach are very photogenic. If you’re after golden sands and close encounters with loggerhead turtles, the Gerakas Beach on Vasilikos peninsula is the perfect spot. Kefalonia is also known for its wines.

Corfu offers a very idyllic spot for family vacations. There are plenty of family-friendly accommodation and tourist development is concentrated in specific areas along the coast, leaving much of the island safe and unspoilt. Couples will find Symi ideal for their vacation, with is picture-perfect harbor, cool and fun boutiques, tavernas and bars, small beaches and houses painted in pastel colors that give the place an artistic and vibrant atmosphere.

Delos on the other hand is a haven for visitors who are into culture and history. This is a World Heritage Site and the entire island has ruins that have been excavated since 1872. The island is open for daytime visit only as no accommodation is available. Mykonos is nearby though, and where you get the boat to transfer you to Delos. Mykonos is trendy and has several boutique-type lodges.

Agrotourists should go to Crete, which has the longest growing season in the country. It’s teeming with various goods, from fruits, to vegetables to meats and even edible weeds from the wild. The local distillery makes such as tsikoudiá or rakí, which are produced from grapes processed in October. Find a working farm so you’ll get to sample some of the flavorful authentic cuisine from this region.

Fresh Produce

For tourists who want to fully relax and recharge, the ideal location is Koufonissia, which is divided into two, Ano (Upper) Koufonissi and Kato (Lower) Koufonissi. The lower islet is uninhabited but the upper one only has 366 inhabitants. The main industry here is fishing, so the town remains rustic and idyllic. Roads are basically well-trodden paths, because most people either use bicycles to go around or simply walk.

In terms of natural colors, you’ll be awed by the beauty of Santorini. The water in the caldera is midnight blue in color, complemented by the colorful lava cliffs on the lip of the caldera. The white painted houses on top of the caldera look like icing on a cake.

The attractions in Greece are plentiful and it’s up to you to find the type of pleasure and activity that suits your fancy.

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