Reasons for Visiting Film Set Locations

Film Set Locations

Film tourism is about visiting places where movie or TV shows were filmed. It’s becoming a popular travel option among fans. The good thing is there are dozens of locations around the world where you can visit. It’s also great to see more people traveling to these places. If you’re still on the fence, here are more reasons for doing it.

It helps places that will otherwise have no tourists

Some places are survived by their income from the tourism industry. They might be a small town without too many industries, but they continue to thrive because of tourism. With the help of film tourism, other small towns experience the same success. Visiting these places is your contribution to that.

You’re helping local businesses

While your goal of visiting these places is to see the film set, you will also see other businesses in the area. There are restaurants, gift shops, and photo-op spots. Your contribution to the industry will help local businesses succeed.

It creates a sense of pride

When the small town succeeds in attracting tourists like you, they will have a sense of pride. Their place went from being an unknown to being a big deal. There will be more industries investing in the city. Jobs will be created and the place is revitalized. There will be more hotels to accommodate tourists and traffic to and from the area increases. Your decision to visit the film set is a huge factor to the city’s success.

It protects the location

It creates a sense of pride

Locals see the film set as an opportunity to make money. Hence, they will do whatever it takes to protect the area. As a result, it protects wildlife, natural resources, and other places covered by the film set. It boosts the effort to preserve everything in the area to allow more tourists to see the location.

It encourages studios to invest in actual set

These days, most movie studios use their own set and utilize visual effects to make it look like the actors were in different locations. There’s no effort to be in another place and design the set from scratch. When you contribute by visiting these places after filming, you’re sending a message to the studios to invest more. Sure, they will spend more money to bring their actors and production equipment elsewhere, but it has a bigger purpose.

You will feel like you’ve been in the movie

It’s a dream to be a part of movies you love. While it’s not possible, visiting the set is the closest you can get to it. You will feel like you’re a part of these movies even for a few hours. You can also brag to everyone that you’ve been to the location where some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have been.

Plan your trip now and see these places. Among the most popular sets are the Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland and Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. Give it a shot and you will keep doing it.

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