Reasons to Avoid Engaging in Arguments During a Trip

Arguments During Trips

You might be fond of arguing with other people. You like proving them wrong. You also love exercising your critical thinking and logical skills. If you have this personality, it might work if you’re with the people who know you. They understand your interest, know who you are, and not take the disagreements personally. You can’t say the same if you do so with other people you meet during a trip. You might feel tempted to argue with them about a lot of things. It could even involve disagreements related to culture, politics, religion, and other polarizing topics. Even if you feel like you can win the discussion, you should avoid arguing with others.

You just met them

You don’t know these people. You also have no idea how arguing with them works. When you’re with the people you know, even if you raise your voice against each other, everything will end well. No one will take the disagreements personally. However, in other cultures, disagreements might lead to a terrible end. You could even get hurt along the way. In some places, you might not even have the chance to argue with a person of higher stature or age. Some topics are also off-limits. You will be in deep trouble if you decide to engage in arguments during the trip.

You might be intoxicated 

You might be intoxicated

You have a chance to meet with other people while partying at a bar. If you decide to have some heated discussions while you’re intoxicated, you shouldn’t. You’re not in your right state of mind. You might even hurt yourself in the process. Just enjoy being there. If you feel like you already had enough to drink, you should decide to go back to your place.

You could offend others

You should understand that not everyone lives in a democracy. You might be free to speak up your thoughts, but others are not comfortable with that idea. Even if you have logical arguments, you could still offend other people. You also have to be more careful with what you say and how you present your arguments. You can’t control how people would react if they feel offended. Even if you didn’t mean anything wrong or offensive, you can’t control how they would feel about what you said. 

Given these reasons, it’s best not to involve yourself in any type of argument with other people on a trip. Instead of finding ways to argue with others, you should just enjoy everything. You don’t always have the chance to go on a trip. You can’t ruin everything because you decided to argue with other people.

If you feel like the discussion starts to get heated, you need to change the topic. You should also learn how to apologize if you’ve offended others because of what you said. There are people who are willing to argue with you. Wait until you get back home so you can have a conversation with them. Your trip isn’t the right time to do it.

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