Reasons to Travel and Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Abroad

Traveling to other countries can be fun. It’s even better when you go to developing nations to volunteer. You can still enjoy the places you’re going to visit, but you feel more satisfied. If you’re not yet convinced, these are the other reasons to give it a try.

You will meet lifelong friends

You will meet lifelong friends

When you come to other places to volunteer, you’re touching people’s lives. You don’t only visit to take photos, but you immerse yourself in the community. It means a lot to them. They will treasure your friendship and the help you extended to them. You can also bond with your fellow volunteers. Some of them came from different parts of the world, and you can share your culture and tradition with them.

You feel accomplished

You can compare your life back home and while working as a volunteer. You will realize that you are doing a lot of good deeds to others. Back home, you barely accomplish anything for a day. You only play video games or sleep the whole day. Changing people’s lives might be exhausting, but you would choose it any time.

You become more aware of the reality

Back home, you live in a bubble. Your parents provide you with everything you need. When you have the slightest inconvenience, you complain. In a country where people barely have enough to live, everything feels like a luxury. Living like they do will help you realize that you’re too lucky, and not everyone has the same experience as you. It also makes you aware of other people’s plight.

You learn to be professional

Even if it’s an unpaid job, you’re still working in a professional environment. You will understand how it is like to work with a team. You follow orders from a leader. You also need to meet deadlines and learn from your mistakes. These are the skills that will prepare you if you eventually work in a professional environment. Employers will also give you a point for the experience.

It’s an opportunity to expand your network

For now, it’s all about volunteering your time and effort. Eventually, you can use it to your advantage. When you meet a lot of people during your volunteer days, you can establish a connection with them. If you want to pursue a business someday or travel to other places, these connections would help a lot.

You will visit places many people wouldn’t

Yes, volunteering comes with a risk, but you will also experience something many people wouldn’t. You will feel proud that you took that risk and learned from it. You can even brag to the people you know that you did something that helped others. If they know you as someone who is selfish and doesn’t like inconvenience, it will be a surprise.

Hopefully, you will like this experience and feel proud about it. You can also inspire your friends to do the same. If you have enough time, you can have another volunteer experience in a different place.

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