See What Chile Has In Store for You. Check Out the Driest Deserts to the Snowcapped Mountains


Chile is a narrow county in South America. It may not be as popular to tourists as its neighbors like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, but you wouldn’t regret visiting the place because it has so much to offer. With its unique location and how its regions are spread, you will experience varying climates. The northern part is dry, the center is calm and warm, while the southern part has a cold temperature. It’s only 4,300 kilometers long and transportation is easily available so you wouldn’t have problems exploring different places in the country and trying out various things. Here are some of those that you shouldn’t miss.

Hike at the Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park

This UNESCO heritage site offers one of the most amazing views not just in the country, but around the world. The lakes, snowcapped mountains and green land marry together in perfect harmony. Now you know why the country is called the Switzerland of the South. There are several guided hiking tours offered in this area so you shouldn’t have problems signing up for one. You’ll see the towering Andes, which borders Chile and its neighboring country Argentina. The long hike would be worth it once you see the majestic scenery.

Explore the Atacama Desert

It’s located in the northern part of Chile and it’s the driest desert in the world. There several interesting rock formations that would leave you in awe. This is a place worth exploring and you may need to stay there for several days if you want to see all. Some of the areas that you can find are the dinosaur valley, moon valley and the death valley. Don’t fret as accommodation is available nearby at the rustic town of San Pedro de Atacama. Stay at one of the adobe hotels and walk around the dusty, yet charming roads of the place. It also has the clearest skies making it perfect for stargazing. There are guides that would lead you to the best location to do this, as well as show you the constellations.

Visit the Easter Island

Easter Island

This is the perfect place to go to if you want to go away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. It’s an isolated island where you can find the famous large stone statues called the Moai. You also shouldn’t miss enjoying the gorgeous sandy beaches of Anakena. The beach and sand is surrounded by green hills, which is a little piece of heaven on earth.

Enjoy the Nightlife and History in Santiago

It’s the capital and largest city of Chile. This is where you can find the liveliest nightlife, as well as top boutiques and restaurants. While there’s ample of modern facilities and technologies, it still doesn’t fall short of things that would remind you of its history. The Museum of Memory and Human Rights will give you a crash course of Chile’s past. You would also admire its unique architecture. There’s also the city’s history center, which is Plaza de Armas. There are also several other museums to check out, including the Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art and Chilean National Fine Arts Museum, which are for art lovers. You should also check out Bellavista to see eye catching graffiti.

Try Chilean Cuisine

The northern, central and southern regions of Chile have their own set of specialties. In the northern region, asado or barbecued meat is popular. The meat could be from an alpaca, which is from the South American camelid family. There are also various stew dishes like guatitas and caldillo de congrio. In the central region, some of the popular foods are Sopa de Mariscos and Pantrucas. In the southern part, you should try Chupe de Locos and Cancato.

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