Things to Avoid When Dining in a Foreign Country

Dining in Foreign Country

An exciting reason to visit other countries is for culinary experience. You want to taste authentic dishes from these places. It might even be your first time to try some of them out. Before getting too excited, here are a few things you must avoid when dining. 

Talking too loudly

Talking too loudly

Regardless of the country you visit, try your best not to talk too loudly. It’s deemed rude in many countries. You must respect the people around you. It doesn’t matter if they’re loud. You’re new to the place and you have to talk within a reasonable volume. 

Not asking what’s in your dish

If you’re trying out something new, you might not know what’s in it. It helps to ask what’s in the dish since you might have religious or dietary restrictions. You don’t want to experience medical issues when in a different country. It doesn’t matter how enticing or appetizing your dish is. When it contains something you can’t eat, you should avoid it. If language is a barrier, find someone who can translate for you. Use language apps too, if possible. Don’t rely on pictures alone since they don’t tell much. 

Reviewing the food on the spot

If you feel good about the food, don’t forget to tell the waiter or chef about it. However, if you don’t feel that way, keep the comment to yourself. You didn’t go there to review the dishes. Besides, there are other avenues to do so. If you feel discontented with the taste or service, review the place online. If you haven’t tried the dish before, you can’t pretend to be an expert and scream your views out loud. You might offend the locals. It’s even worse if you’re eating a national dish or something everyone loves. It’s your first time to taste it and it’s understandable if you feel strange. If you’re unsure about what you’re getting, order something else. Researching online before your trip also helps. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by hating a dish mostly because you know nothing about it or didn’t even try to understand it. 

Being closed-minded

You’re in a different country and there are lots of new things to try, including new dishes. Be open-minded and don’t decline immediately. Sometimes, foreign dishes look terrible, but they have an amazing taste. If you give them a shot, you will be delighted. 

Not following local etiquette 

In some countries, there are traditions to observe. It’s considered rude if you do otherwise. Learn how locals eat and what they avoid when eating. For instance, some countries only use hands when eating. Others avoid talking too much when dining. Research about the etiquette, especially when you’re dining with other people. Don’t hesitate to ask. It’s better than pretending you know everything when you don’t. 

You deserve an exciting culinary experience when traveling. Enjoy your meals and keep trying new flavors. Don’t forget to understand the rich history of these dishes and appreciate the many facets of your chosen destination.

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