Things to Know Before Traveling to Finland


You might know Finland as one of the happiest countries on Earth. It’s also among the northernmost inhabited countries in the world. It’s a unique place to visit and is worth your time. It’s also popular for the Northern lights. You have every reason to plan your trip there soon. Before doing so, here are some things you need to know.

Finland isn’t very big

While the country looks big on the map and is fairly prominent, it’s mostly empty. The country relied on agriculture until the late ‘60s. Urbanization only began since then. Hence, you can’t find lots of huge metros. Even the capital, Helsinki, only has over 650,000 people. Despite that, it’s still a cool destination and feels like a huge metro. With shops, museums, art galleries, markets, and a lot more, Helsinki is definitely a wonderful metro.

Finnish people might not seem very warm

Don’t be surprised if you visit the country and feel like no one wants to talk to you. Finnish people might seem snobbish, but they’re not. They’re just not a fan of long conversations, especially with people they barely know. However, once you get to know them, it’s a different story. You can also find a loyal friend in them.

People are highly educated

Finland is looked up to when it comes to education. Their system has become a standard in various countries. The best part is they offer colleges for free. Hence, you will meet a lot of highly educated people who can hold excellent discussions. English might not be the first language, but will find a lot of fluent English speakers. If you get to know some of them during your trip, you will have amazing and educational conversations.

The weather can be erratic

finland weather

It’s quite hard to predict a pattern when it comes to weather in Finland. There are hot summer days, but it can quickly drop the next day. There might be blizzards in some areas during the winter, but it’s mild elsewhere. Hence, the best option is to bring all kinds of clothing. You won’t know what you’re getting when you’re there. It’s best to be prepared.

Equality is a big thing

In some countries, you will find ultra-wealthy people. In others, you will see slums and beggars on the streets. In Finland, everyone strives for equality. Hence, people are of the same level and treat each other equally. Even politicians don’t brag about their positions. You can see them walking the streets like regular people. You will also rarely find gated communities. It also indicates safety. You don’t have to worry about being robbed as you walk the streets at night.

There’s a lot more that you need to know before heading to Finland. However, it’s even better if you surprise yourself upon arrival. It’s a fascinating country with abundant natural resources and unique weather phenomenon. A week to discover what it has to offer is definitely not enough.

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