Tips When Trying a Dish for the First Time During a Trip

Trying a Dish

You feel excited about going on a trip because you will find lots of new things and experiences. You even save money to make your trip happen. Of course, not everything will happen as planned. You will experience something new and it won’t always be pleasant. For instance, you will find someone forcing you to try a new dish. You’re at a dilemma since you don’t want to be rude. You also don’t want to take the risks since you could get ill or the food contains allergens. Here are some tips when you’re asked to try a dish that you’ve never had before. 

Be open-minded

When you’re heading to another country, the people you encounter have a different set of cultures and traditions. You don’t have to follow what they do, but you can always be respectful. You might also say no to the idea of trying new dishes because you’re not used to them. However, being open-minded is the key. Realize that you’re only saying no because you are yet to try. As long as you’re not taking health risks or violating your religious beliefs, there’s nothing wrong in trying something new. 

Say no properly

While you might encounter someone who will insist on feeding you a new dish, you can always say no. It’s rude in any culture to force someone to eat something without consent. The only thing you must do is say no properly. You can decline without offending someone. Remember that for some cultures, their dishes are a reflection of who they are. Declining the offer might be offensive. Therefore, you should say no properly and don’t add unnecessary comments. Your facial expression must also be appropriate. Even if you feel disgusted or unhappy, try not to show it. 

Ask questions and taste it

Ask questions and taste it

When you’re given something new and you’re unsure, ask questions. There’s no harm in asking questions about the dish or what’s in it. If you think it doesn’t contain anything harmful, you can give it a try. Also, there’s no requirement to finish the entire dish. Try a little bit and keep going if you like it. Otherwise, you can stop and move on to the next option. 

Ask for alternatives 

Perhaps, you can’t eat what’s in front of you for whatever reason. You can always try something else. There are alternatives that might be more suitable to you. Again, always be open-minded and don’t judge all dishes just because you didn’t like one. 

Be chatty

Your personality can win the day. If you’re avoiding certain dishes, keep talking. Ask questions or share your experiences. No one will notice that you didn’t give the dish a bite because you’re busy sharing your stories. 

Hopefully, you won’t be given anything you don’t want. It also pays if you research before the trip to determine what you’re not supposed to have. Have fun and don’t limit yourself. Whether it’s with experience or food, there’s always something new worth trying.

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