The Top Sunsets Around the World

Atacama Desert Chile

Ever since the first color cameras came out, photographers from all around the globe have tried to capture the beauty of a sunset. From the mountain tops to the lowest valley, sunsets are always a special thing, but there are places that hold more unique kinds of dusks. It could be that they have unique terrain, or they’ll be better lit. What this means is these places have a certain kind of energy about them, making them the perfect spots to capture sunset around the world. Here are the top destinations for people who are always chasing dusk.

Atacama Desert, Chile

There’s something unique about deserts. They’re mostly barren with very little animals and plants thriving around the area. But no matter how lifeless the place may be, Deserts are still beautiful. The Atacan Desert in Chile which plays host to very few nomadic tribes is rife with great opportunities to capture the sun sinking in the distance. The desert is also filled with craggy outbursts, so aerial shots of long shadows look gorgeous.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you fancy sand but you’re not too particular about deserts, then maybe the beach is what you want. In Colombo, the sunsets around the world are simple but gorgeous. Just think on this image; you’re standing on a clear and long stretching beach. The water’s clean and there’s a calm falling over everyone. Colombo in Sri Lanka is a simple beach without much in the way of fancy amenities. However, since it is facing west, the waters that reflect the dusk sunlight makes everything look marvelous.

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Maasai Mara Kenya

Probably one of most common pictures we’d see when thinking of Kenya is the sun sinking slowly into the plains. If you’re lucky, you might even get a silhouette of animals moving through it as well. Little wonder why Maasai Mara would be one of the perfect places to travel for a sunset. Tours are common to the region but you might have to pay a bit extra to get away from the usual tourist traps. The quiet surroundings might prove to be the getaway you need.

Isle of Skye, Ireland

Ireland is well known for its sweeping green plains and strong beer, but on the Isle of Skye, there’s a different story to be had. The hills that form the Isle are often irregular in size, and with its westward facing direction. Make capturing landscapes the thing to do when climbing and resting on the top of a hill. Since this place is a little less known, you might only encounter 1 or 2 photographers when visiting.

Grebbestad, Sweden

Grebbestad Sweden

Sweden is naturally gorgeous in many ways, so it’s no wonder that it also has a special place to grab a photo of the sunset. Grebbestad has great tree lines and a lake which catches the sun right. At the same time, the lake is relatively calm looking at all times during the day. In fact, the waters only move when some of the locals use their boats to sail across the water.

Port Waikato, New Zealand

This is another beach you’ll have to see to believe. Since New Zealand isn’t famous for its beaches, it should have grown a reputation by now. The long and receding beach feels good on your feet, even though it is a port town, the beaches are clean. You might even find an odd piece of deadwood. You can also get some great pictures of surfers during the reddish glow of sunset.

Santorini, Greece

The pretty thing about Santorini is that the town is built in a unique manner. Most of the town is lined against the contours of the hill. Most of them are colored white and play well the beige cliff rocks the town is built on. When dusk hits, however, the light changes the town’s color and mood. So at night, you’ll be sure to see one of the most gorgeous sights in Greece.

From the mundane to the sublime, sunsets can encompass many shades of beauty. It’s amazing how versatile and different this event looks like on different shores. So, if you’ve got a little adventure in you, book a flight to any of these stunning locales. You just might find the place where the sun sets just right.

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