Ways to Combat Jet Lag and Recover from It After a Long Flight

Long Flight

Jet lag happens when the body’s rhythm is disrupted because of crossing time zones. It is something that should be taken seriously because symptoms include fatigue, irritability, disturbed sleep, and anxiety. For some people, it can even go on for days. This prevents them from moving forward with their lives. It is better to combat the problem before it even begins or find a remedy as soon as you land from a long flight.

Take melatonin

This is not the first choice to reset your internal clock, but it helps a lot. This is a hormone that can help you regulate your sleep. Small doses will help the body shift to its inner rhythms right away. It is also recommended to take it just after dark for the first few days after arrival. Speak with your physician first before taking one as it might not be the perfect choice for you.

Stay under the sun

Under the Sun

Sunlight is known to be an effective cure for jet lag. It is a natural method of adjusting your circadian rhythms and it could work. It is believed that if you’ve traveled west, you get out during the day and avoid the afternoon sun. The reverse should be done if you’ve traveled east.

Commit to the new time zone

It does not matter what your body says upon arrival. If it is breakfast at the place where you came from but it is already time to sleep in your current time zone, go ahead and take a nap. Just keep adjusting on your current time zone up until you are already used to it.

Just eat light meals

It is highly advised to eat smaller meals that include protein, fruits, vegetables and other essential nutrients. Your energy level will remain steady over the next days instead of being inconsistent as it rises and falls. It helps if you drink lots of water. Don’t take coffee and alcohol for a while. They are known to make jet lags worse.

Prepare yourself for the new time zone

This is an advice before you fly to another place. You have to start following their time zone so your body will get used to it once you’ve arrived. It might seem weird, but it works for a lot of people. You just have to do it days before your flight.

Try moving around

You need to exercise a lot to help remedy jet lag. Keep your body moving. Running during the day and hitting the gym after work would keep you fit and help get rid of jet lag. This is also the fastest way as a lot of people say that by the end of the second or third day, their jet lag is gone.

Even seasoned travelers still experience jet lag. You don’t have to worry though as you can just try these techniques and they could work to your advantage. Don’t forget to get a lot of rest. Hopefully, everything will get back to normal soon.

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