What Not to Bring When Backpacking


Backpacking can be fun. It lets you explore different places and push yourself to the limits. You will meet exciting people along the way. You can also learn from various cultures and traditions. Before you embark on this adventure, you must be ready for it. While you’re busy thinking about what to bring, you must also look at what not to bring. It’s common for backpackers to bring heavy luggage, but it doesn’t mean you can bring anything with you. Here’s what you should leave at home

Jewelry and unnecessary accessories

Jewelry and unnecessary accessories

When backpacking, you will be sweaty and messy. You will eat in small restaurants and buy items from regular stores. There’s no point in bringing something fancy unless you specifically wish to attend a formal event. You might lose these items. Since you’re traveling to various places, tracing back where you’ve lost the valuables can be tricky. Besides, you don’t want to create an impression that you’re wealthy and fancy. You want to ask for a bargain when buying items from local stores.

Heavy lenses

Another reason to go on a backpacking trip is to take as many photos as possible. You want to capture these memories and interactions. However, it doesn’t mean you will bring your heaviest lenses with you. Since this trip involves tons of movements, you don’t want to see your camera being destroyed. Use your phone or a simple digital camera. Besides, taking pictures is only secondary to immersing in the experience.

Extra toiletries

You must only bring the bare minimum during the trip. There’s no point in taking extra toiletries with you. Besides, you can always buy from local stores if you run out of the necessary items. You might have to sacrifice not getting your desired brand, but it won’t be a big deal.

Several pairs of jeans

Jeans are comfortable and can protect you while backpacking. The problem is they’re too heavy. The good thing about a pair of jeans is you can use it several times without washing. You don’t need to take several pairs with you.

Nice shoes

Your shoes will probably be under immense stress given the distance you’re going to travel. You don’t want to ruin your nice and expensive shoes. You better leave them at home. Find comfortable shoes that you don’t mind walking across dozens of miles on.


Back then, guidebooks are a backpacking essential. Today, there’s no point in bringing them. You have your phone with you. It’s enough to guide you as you backpack. You may also take notes if you don’t want to get lost. You should also plan each leg of your trip before leaving the hotel. Even if you lose internet access, you’re good.

Be mindful about what you take with you during the trip. You can’t bring things that you’re afraid to lose or make your bag heavier than it already is. You might not have the most comfortable trip, but it’s worth taking.

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