Why the Popularity of a Destination isn’t Always a Good Reason to Visit It

Popularity of Destination

One of the factors you consider in deciding whether or not you will visit a place is how popular it is. You can’t be faulted for it. If these places were popular, they might possess qualities that people like. However, it doesn’t mean you must visit these places or include them on your bucket list. You also don’t want to miss out on other destinations that are worthier of your time and money.

Some places have excellent marketing strategies

Everything might just be about marketing. Some destinations have great marketing skills. They have utilized social media and other tools to improve the popularity. Hence, it’s easier for people to feel enticed to check the place out. Sure, some places live up to the hype, but others might not.

The pictures look great online


If you see the photos of popular landmarks online, you will be enticed to visit them. However, when you reach those places, you will realize, they’re not what they seem. These places look terrible. They’re also crowded all the time. When pictures were captured from a different angle, the reality get exposed. Therefore, it pays to not be easily persuaded by what these pictures show you.

Some reviews are not to be trusted

You might also decide to read reviews first before visiting a destination. Reviews tell you what others have to say about these places. The problem is that not all these reviews are accurate. Some reviews might even be fabricated and made by people who haven’t been to the places being reviewed. You can’t fall for the trap. If you consider reviews, make sure you take them with a grain of salt. Read more information before finalizing your travel plans.

Influencers are paid to advertise some places

If you’re a fan of travel vlogs or you subscribe to the YouTube channels of some influencers, you might be easily persuaded by what they say. Since you’re a fan, you might want to visit the places they tell you to visit. The issue is they might have been paid to advertise these places. Hence, their reviews won’t necessarily be accurate. Even influencers with a genuine persona might still portray a different character since they were paid to talk about the place positively.

It’s always high season

When the destination is popular, it will be crowded by tourists throughout the year. You don’t want to visit these places when there are too many people going there at any point. Hotels will always be expensive, along with the plane tickets. You can’t enjoy the destinations due to overcrowding, either.

The point is you must be careful with your choices. Popularity shouldn’t be the only standard to consider when deciding which places to visit. You don’t always travel and you can’t be disappointed because you picked the wrong place. Of course, you can always learn from the experience and do better in planning the next trip.

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