Why Visit Thailand Now Despite the Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine


If you want to travel now, there are many countries that are worth visiting. The good thing is that the vaccine rollout already started, and it’s somewhat safer to have an international flight. Also, many countries have health restrictions to keep everyone safe.

Before the pandemic started, Thailand was one of the top destinations among tourists. Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit the world, the tourism, industry halted. The good thing is that the country managed to immediately contain the viral spread. It has among the lowest cases per capita. The only issue when visiting is that there’s a mandatory 14-day quarantine rule for all arrivals. You might have to spend at least a month if you intend to travel at this time. Despite that, it’s still worth visiting.

It’s a safe place 

safe place

Again, Thailand has one of the lowest cases of the coronavirus around the world. Even when it had its second wave, it didn’t hit as hard as other countries. It also managed to keep deaths under 100. For a country with millions of people, it’s a success story. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place to visit without fearing the pandemic, it’s an excellent choice. 

There are special quarantine locations

If you don’t like the idea of staying inside the hotel for 14 days, you can check the alternatives. For instance, the government offered a golf quarantine option for people who can afford it. You can stay in a golf resort and be free to go out of your room and play. Even if you’re technically on quarantine, the vacation already started. 

You can visit previously crowded destinations

Back then, people were patient in visiting crowded destinations in Thailand. They didn’t care even if those places weren’t as beautiful as they were advertised to be due to the overwhelming crowd. These days, there’s no one there. If you wish to go to those places minus the crowd, now is the perfect time. 

Accommodations are cheap

Given the lack of tourists, hotels and other accommodations have no choice but to bring the price down. It’s their way of attracting people to stay. It’s not only for foreigners, but locals who wish to go on a staycation. Sure, you spent a lot of money for the mandatory quarantine, but you can save elsewhere. Even the general cost-of-living got lower because of the economic impact of the pandemic. The government tried to help by asking private companies to put a cap on the prices of basic commodities. It’s also your way of showing support to local businesses that are struggling right now.

It’s only a matter of time

Now that we’re nearing the end of this pandemic, tourism might get back to life. If it happens, you will have a hard time traveling to popular destinations like Thailand. Take advantage of the opportunity now before you regret that decision.

Hopefully, the mandatory quarantine will no longer be in place a few months from now. However, if you’re itching to travel, Thailand should be on your list. 

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