Destination Proposal Could Guarantee That She Will Say Yes

Destination Proposal

Destination weddings might already be a thing, and so are proposals. If you want to make the proposal extra special, you can do it in other places. It will be memorable to both of you since it happened in an unexpected location. When you do it right, it would be difficult for her to reject your proposal. 

Find the right place

You can start by looking at the places she likes or are meaningful to you. If you’ve been to other countries together, you can go back there and propose to her in that special place. You can also travel to other areas that you’ve never been to in your previous trip. She will appreciate your effort to find a place that means a lot to both of you. After the proposal, there’s another reason for it to be special. 

You can get to know each other

Another reason for choosing a destination proposal is that you want to use it as an opportunity to know each other better. After getting engaged, you wouldn’t only prepare for the wedding. You will also use it as a way to have deeper conversations about life. The mistake most couples have is that they think that the engagement is the goal. The truth is that it’s just the beginning. Some weddings don’t happen because couples realize they’re not meant for each other. Worse, others realize it after tying the knot. You don’t want to reach this point before acting on your differences.

It’s just the two of you

It’s just the two of you

Some people prefer to have everyone witness the event. Friends and family members are even part of the plan. They can work with you to make the proposal special, but a secret until you pop the question. With a destination proposal, it’s just the two of you. There’s no risk of someone breaking the news even before you asked the question. You can invite everyone else later to an engagement party once you’ve already proposed. You will have a more meaningful time together and you can do whatever you want.

Both of you need a break

Perhaps, the best part of which a destination proposal is that you can use it as a chance to travel together and relax. Both of you need a break. You’ve been working hard, and you need to take a pause fro everything you do. She will also appreciate that you recognize her need to have a break. Don’t be under immense pressure to receive her sweet yes. Even if she says she isn’t ready, you can still enjoy the trip. You’re already there, and you have the chance to enjoy different attractions. Soon, you will get back to your regular schedule, and it would be great that you had the chance to relax. 

Start planning the proposal now and make sure she’s available on those dates. You can tell her that you’re going on a trip, but keep everything else a secret. 

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