Essential Things to Bring if You are Planning on a Walking Trip in the UK

Essential Things to Bring

There are stunning sceneries in the UK that deserve to be seen. From its rolling hills to the breathtaking cliffs, the UK is one of the best places in the world to visit if you are planning to go on hiking. The weather almost the entire year is also perfect for this kind of activity. Just make sure that you have with you the most important items to bring for a hiking trip.


You obviously have to wear high quality walking shoes and boots. Flip flops and heels should be left home. Considering the distance that you are walking into, it is best if you wear appropriate footwear. If possible, don’t wear new shoes. It would be a nightmare walking on shoes that you have just broken into. Rubber is tough on the skin and it may cause blisters as you walk. Wear socks and bring a lot of extra socks too. You will most likely go through moist or wet areas along the way.

Waterproof jacket

Before leaving for this trip, make sure that you have checked the weather forecast. By then, you will know if there is rain coming during the trip. If so, you will just have to cancel it. However, in the event that you are already out there and it poured suddenly, it helps if you are wearing waterproof jacket.  Bring extra clothes too. Lightweight fleeces also help a lot just to keep you warm without making you feel tired due to the weight.

Hats and gloves

 If you are hiking during the summer, it is best if you have a hat. This is not just to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun, but to also prevent the UV rays from causing skin problems. You should wear gloves if you are walking around during the winter. Make sure that whatever you choose, you are comfortable with it. This is not a luxury vacation so always choose comfortability over style.

High energy snacks

You won’t have time to pause for long hours while walking since you need to reach long distances. It is best if you have tons of high energy snacks in your back.  Mint cake and chocolates are among the best food sources. Don’t worry about the extra calories. You are burning them all anyway.

Bottles of water

Don’t bring any other type of drink. Just bring bottles of water with you. Don’t assume that you can find water along the way. In case you don’t, it is great if you have enough water to survive the trip. Some people prefer using flavored water, but just to be safe, take plain water. Other beverages will just make you feel thirsty along the way.

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First aid kit

You will never know what would happen along the way. It is best if you bring a first aid kit with you so you can attend to medical emergencies or those who are with you on the trip.

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