How to Haggle in a Foreign Country


Haggling is a useful strategy to spend less during a trip. You can buy souvenirs and other items you would like from the place you’ve visited. The problem is when you’re in another country. It’s a struggle since you don’t know the language used. Here are some tips when haggling in a foreign country.

Learn a few words

Of course, you can’t learn everything days before your trip. However, you can still practice a few basic words to help you when haggling. It also pays to charm your way out by speaking some words. In some cultures, it’s an expression of respect and admiration. Your effort alone is enough to convince these people to give you a lower price.

Be patient

It might be frustrating if you can’t get what you want because of language barrier. However, it doesn’t mean it’s over. You should keep trying. Use different tools at your disposal. If you have a translation app, use it. You may also ask for a favor from other shoppers if they can speak both languages. It could take time to get what you want, but you will get there.

Find out what’s worth the effort

You don’t want to haggle for things that aren’t worth it. Some items have a fixed price and there’s nothing you can do about it. Others are flexible enough that you can request for a lower cost. The places where you decide to shop for these items also determine if you can haggle.

Pretend that you’re not interested

Your acting skills might also be helpful when you try to haggle. It’s like buying a new property. You can’t scream in excitement when you find the right place. You should pretend you’re not interested at first until you get what you want. The seller will eventually give in to your demand if you play your cards right.

Be reasonable

Remember that these merchants and vendors aren’t making a lot. Others were even asked to help out in selling things, but they’re paid a regular amount. You can’t ask for an unreasonable bargain. No one will agree to your request. You’re trying to bankrupt these people. Start low and take it from there.

Compare the cost across different stores

You will also benefit from researching first. Look at what other stores have to offer and decide which option is most affordable. Sometimes, these store owners pretend to sell the lowest price when there are better options. Don’t listen to their charming words and stick to your goal.

Be respectful

Be respectful

Sure, you want to get a lower price when you buy products from a different country. However, these people might have norms and practices that differ from yours. Try your best to be respectful. Don’t force what you want or say rude words because you can’t get your way. When you got the expected price, say thank you. You can also leave reviews online to encourage more visitors to go to the shop.

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