How to Stay Out of Trouble When Traveling During Your Gap Year

Traveling on Gap Year

There are a lot of things to do during your gap year. You have chosen to take a break from studying, so you better make the most of it. Travel the world and experience different cultures. Dip yourself in unique traditions and learn from it. You can also take some time off to prepare for college. Get extra classes so that even if you are on a gap year, learning continues. The most exciting part though is you will now see different people and have the chance to interact with them during your trip.

Unfortunately, for some people, gap year is the year for trying out crazy stuff. They decide to do the worst things that they have never tried before. There is nothing wrong in experimenting. The problem is when you drag yourself in trouble. Here are some tips for you to stay safe and out of trouble while having fun.

Never do drugs

Never do drugs

There are countries with very strict laws against drugs. In some cases, you might even be sentenced to death for drug use. Have fun all you want, but when it comes to drugs, just learn how to say no. Drink beers and other safe alcoholic beverages instead, except of course, if you are in Muslim-majority countries where the sale and use of alcohol is not allowed.

Always go out with friends

During a gap year, you have the chance to meet with people and create lasting friendships. Try to form friendships before going to places especially at night. Don’t just hang out on a bar on your own. Going back to your place solo could place you at a risk. Your items might get stolen. You might even place yourself in danger. If you haven’t found friend yet, but you want to stay safe going back, get a cab with the help of the staff or use ride-sharing apps.

Know where you live

You must have a copy of your address with you. Learn how to pronounce it properly. If you can write it using the local alphabet, it would be better. You don’t have to learn the language entirely- just the address. This helps a lot in many situations.

Have a budget plan

When you are on a gap year, you don’t have a clear income source. You are living by the amount of money that you have received from your parents or what you have saved up over the years. Therefore, you need to go easy with how you spend it. Try to find ways to reduce the cost. Don’t keep treating other people to gain friends. When you run out of money, you will be in deep trouble. If you have no one to ask for money from, you might engage in illegal activities just to sustain yourself.

Be respectful

Regardless of who you meet along the way, you have to be respectful. Don’t shout at the elderly. Avoid arguing with other people. Follow local customs and traditions. Don’t question them for their practices even if they seem weird to you. Try their local dishes and practice their language.

Whatever happens, keep calm and stay out of trouble. Enjoy the experience, but never put yourself at risk.

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