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Reasons for Pursuing a Spa and Wellness Tourism

There are many reasons to visit other places. Some people do it to understand the rich culture and history of these places. Others travel because they want to be away from work and relax for a bit. If you want to feel great about life and release the negative energy around you, consider a spa

Why Attend a Travel Conference

The idea of going to a travel conference might be boring. You will meet people you don’t know and force yourself to talk to them. You will also be in countless meetings and conversations. However, if you’re into traveling or your source of income revolves around the tourism industry, you will benefit from joining these

Reasons Behind the Resurgence of Southeast Asian Tourism

Before the pandemic, the Southeast Asian region was one of the hottest destinations in the world. Its unique cultures and sceneries made more people enticed to visit the countries. Despite being in the same region, each country has something different to offer. From the flavorful cuisines of Thailand to the skyscrapers of Singapore, there’s a

Can Vaccine Passports Help Restart Tourism?

The use of vaccine passports is a divisive topic. Some people think it will encourage more people to get vaccinated. Others believe it could lead to discrimination. The idea is when more people have been vaccinated, lives will get back to normal. It could even help restart the tourism industry. Should countries enforce a vaccine

The Tourism Industry Will Recover Quickly. Here’s Why

If you look at the state of tourism around the world, you might feel hopeless. Several businesses already decided to close. Even the airline industry is struggling. Since most people couldn’t travel for leisure, tourism is essentially dead. The worst part is that this pandemic doesn’t seem to have an end yet. With the birth

Pros and Cons of a “Vaccine Passport” for Tourism

As vaccines are beginning to roll out in different places across the world, it seems like we’re heading towards the end of the pandemic. While there are still logistical issues, things could get better soon. Eventually, places will start to reopen and people won’t have to shelter-in-place all the time. It’s also good news for

Support Local Tourism by Going on a Staycation

Local tourism has been badly affected due to the pandemic. Even major industries that rely on tourism also fared terribly this year. The worst part is that even if vaccines are already being rolled out, there’s no guarantee of an immediate recovery. It could take a while before the industry will get back to life.