Safety Tips When Using a Credit Card Abroad

Credit Card Abroad

Some people would advise you to not bring loads of cash when you are traveling abroad. Using a credit card is more convenient. Unless the country usually have stores that only accept cash, it is best to bring your credit card with you. The only problem is that you could end up with lots of problems when you lose the card or someone stole it from you. These are some safety tips you need to observe when deciding to use your credit card overseas.

Call your bank first

Make sure that your bank knows when you are traveling and where. Sometimes, they need to activate the use of the card overseas. Otherwise, you will be surprised that the card gets rejected. It is also for safety purposes.

Bring only one or two cards

You do not need to bring all your cards. Some of them are valid when used with several establishments. When you have lots of cards, you are increasing your responsibility, and you do not want that to happen. Imagine if you brought your wallet containing all the credit cards and you lost the wallet. It would be a nightmare.

Use debit card for withdrawals and credit card for purchases

Use debit card for withdrawals and credit card for purchases

If you decide to bring both debit and credit cards, you need to be smart in using them. You need to use the debit card only for withdrawals. For instance, if the place you visited only accepts cash, you have no choice but to use the debit card to withdraw money from a nearby ATM. Credit card withdrawals come with terrible interest rates. However, if you are purchasing items, you need to use a credit card. With debit card purchases, the money is automatically deducted from the account. If there are fraudulent activities or items you wish to return, you have no choice but to let go. With credit cards, you can ask your bank to investigate.

Call the credit card provider right away for lost cards

You need to immediately take action if you lost your cards. Ask the bank to cancel the card and have it replaced when you arrive back home. Do not worry about the replacement since it is an easy process. You would rather have it than have someone else use the card while you end up paying for their purchases.

Do not trust strangers

You might find someone who is suddenly willing to help you when you have problem with your credit card or any other transaction. As tempting as it is to receive help from the locals, you need to say no. You cannot let anyone handle your account.

Always keep your valuables close

Wherever you go, you need to bring your valuables with you. Do not leave your credit card in the hotel room as someone might sneak in and steal it. When you want to put it in your wallet, you have to keep your wallet with you all the time.

Hopefully, nothing wrong will happen on your trip and you will head back home without losing anything.

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