Ways to be an Environmentally-Responsible Tourist

Environmentally-Responsible Tourist

As a tourist, you have to be responsible with the trash you produce. You’re just a tourist, and you will leave the place you visited soon. The people who live in the area will most likely be responsible in dealing with the trash. The least you can do is be responsible. Apart from dealing with garbage, these are other tips to show that you’re a responsible tourist

Avoid using plastic bags

Avoid using plastic bags

If you’re going to buy something from a local store, try not to use plastic bags. Bring your own recyclable bags or just carry the items if possible. If there are existing local laws against the use of plastic bags, you have to respect them. Plastic doesn’t decompose even for decades. Hence, there’s an effort to curb the use of single-use plastic everywhere in the world. 

Pack lightly

If possible, you should travel light. In doing so, you can help reduce carbon emission in planes. Every kilogram count when you fly, and traveling light helps a lot. You will also have less garbage left behind if you didn’t bring plenty of items in the first place. Besides, it’s easier to travel when you don’t pack too many things.

Follow rules

Wherever you go, there are rules to observe. Some places are stricter than others. If you’re visiting small islands, these rules have to be tightly observed. It’s a matter of life and death for the locals. They want to preserve their way of life. They also care about their environment. Some of the laws might seem draconian, but you have no choice but to follow. If you can’t, don’t go there.

Bring your own water bottle

Instead of buying plastic bottled water all the time, you can bring your own water bottle. You can refill it and avoid throwing more trash. You can also save a lot of money. Besides, when water is boiled or filtered, it’s safe for drinking. 

Use public transportation 

Public transportation carries lots of people at once. It saves energy. If you’re traveling to big cities, you should find out how to use buses and trains. Besides, given how bad traffic is, you wouldn’t want to take a cab. Using the train is probably the best way to move around.

Choose environment-friendly hotels

It also helps if you partner with hotels that have environment-friendly practices. They will guarantee that you won’t damage anything during your visit. As long as you follow the rules, it’s good enough. Supporting these hotels will also encourage other accommodation options to do the same. 

Respect the animals

If you’re visiting some places to see animals, you should respect them. Don’t hurt the animals in any way. Follow the rules if you have to go to an adventure where you will be up close with wild animals. Don’t feed them if told not to. You should also support some projects that help save endangered or threatened animals. You can at least do something for the community before leaving.

Being a tourist isn’t only about visiting places. It’s also about being responsible as a steward of the environment. You might even visit some places due to the natural wonders. You want them to stay the same for the future generations.

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