Things To Carry With You If Youre Heading To A Music Festival

Things To Carry To A Music Festival

Heading to a music festival is a good idea. If you are someone who likes the outdoors and are a huge fan of different artists, going to a music festival would be a dream vacation for you. The best part is that some of your favorite artists might perform in the said music festival, and you get a front row seat to see them in action.

There are a few things to remember though. To begin with, it will be a crowded event, and you will be going against lots of people who are also in the mood to party like you. The location might be quite remote and there could be no hotels nearby. You need to be fully prepared as you head to the music festival. Dont forget to pack the essentials for you to survive the experience

Appropriate bags

The kind of bag you use matters a lot when you are out on a music festival. You cant bring a bag with wheels as you are travelling in uneven terrain and dirty camping grounds. You need a huge backpack that can fit in everything you need for the next days. Pack enough clothes for the duration of the festival that can fit in the chosen bag.

Neck pillow

Neck Pillow

You wont have a comfortable place to sleep when you are in a music festival. You will also be standing most of the times if you choose to participate in the events. At the very least, you need to have a comfortable neck pillow to carry you through the times when you are too tired. You can also sleep anywhere on the grounds when you are tired. It is a portable pillow, so you wont worry carrying it around.

Cleaning wipes

You only see the fun side of the music festival in photos, but you fail to see the messy side of it. Once you get there, you will realize how gross it could be. Imagine having thousands of people packed in one place. You need to prioritize your health and safety. Bring cleaning wipes and sanitizers. You need them in a dirty environment.

Layers of clothes

As the festival is held outdoors, your clothing might not be enough to get you through the weather. You need to have layers of clothes to keep you warm. You also dont have a huge bag with you, so you would rather wear the clothes right from the start.


It would be difficult finding an ATM in a concert ground. You also cant find stores that accept cards. You will find lots of stalls selling foods and they usually accept cash. Therefore, you need to carry enough cash with you.

Food and water

In some venues, finding water and food might be difficult. Again, there are thousands of people in the area, and everyone is competing for food. Sometimes, the prices could skyrocket to take advantage of the limited resources. People will buy anyway because they have nothing else to eat. Therefore, you need to bring your own food and bottled water in case you face this kind of situation.

With these things packed, you are now ready to face the challenge of a music festival, but still have fun.

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