Reasons Why Your New Years Resolution Should Include Travelling

New Years Resolution

How many countries have you visited in 2018? If you felt like you did not go to as many places as you should have, perhaps, it is time to consider travelling more in 2019. As you start writing your New Years resolutions, you need to include one on travelling more. These are some reasons why you need to make the most of 2019 for traveling.

You want to stay fit

You want to stay fit

How many times have you promised yourself that you will finally take a step towards being fit? It is time to make it happen but still enjoy. When you travel, you also start to become fit especially if you choose activities like trekking, camping and mountain climbing. Even when you go to places where you have to keep walking, you are also achieving your fitness goals. As long as you dont eat a lot while travelling, you have nothing to worry.

You need to reward yourself more

You might be someone who spends a lot of time working. There is nothing wrong in being hard working and productive as long as you also give your time to rest. It only becomes an issue when you keep working and stressing out at work, but you dont pause. Travelling gives you the chance to enjoy life. It is a way of rewarding yourself for a job well done. Besides, all of us need a pause. Anyone can get burnt out from doing the same things over again.

You might drop your vice

You have also written several times in your New Years resolution that you are finally dropping your vice. You will stop smoking and drinking. However, when you are doing nothing at home or you are too stressed with work, you end up doing repeating the bad things that youre doing. When you travel, you will find meaning in life. You will be more interested in doing something new and eventually forget your vices.

You can help others

Travelling to places does not always have to be about you and making yourself feel comfortable. It can also be an opportunity to help others. If you want to travel but still be of service to those in need, you can volunteer. There are organizations accepting volunteers who are willing to spend their time and effort in helping others. You can find one that suits your abilities so that you will be useful during the mission.

You want to become selfish even for a while

This reason might not sound positive, but it can be. The reason why you keep working is because you want to provide for your family. You always think about the people around you. This time, you need to travel more because you want to treat yourself. It is okay to be selfish if you know you have given a lot.

As you start writing your plans for the New Year, dont forget to include traveling. You can even be specific and list down the places that you must travel to in 2019.

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