Tips to Avoid Annoying Other People on a Flight

Avoid Annoying People

You cannot control what other people do on a flight. Given that you are all seated on a confined space while being rolled several feet up in the sky, flying will never be comfortable. If you cannot tell others how to behave, you can at least tell yourself not to be annoying to others. These are a few things you need to avoid so that you will maintain a positive relationship with the people seated next to you on a flight.

Do not use the seats to balance yourself while walking

If you are heading to the toilet while the plane is flying, you might want to hold on tightly. When the plane hits turbulence, it could cause injury. However, instead of holding on to the seats, you need to use the overhead compartments. They allow you to balance yourself until you reach your seat without disturbing the people you pass by.

Turn your bags back to front when placed on the compartment

You need to be considerate of other people. You need to avoid taking up too much space by turning your bags from back to front instead of sideways. Even if you don’t, the flight attendant will. Given how overworked they are, you do not want to give them additional task if you can do it yourself.

Look behind you before you recline

Yes, you have the right to recline, but you need to be sensitive to the person sitting behind you. The person might be working on a laptop or has a cup of coffee. You are causing severe disturbance if you decide to recline without asking permission or checking if you are going to disturb the person. You would not want someone else to do it to you, so you need to be nice to others.

Avoid aromatic food

When you eat food that has a strong smell, you are bothering a lot of people around you. The worst part is that the smell does not go away. Therefore, it helps if you avoid aromatic food like tuna or anything with garlic. You might like the smell, but many other passengers will not. 

Start with the right feet

Start with the right feet

When you found you seat, you need to smile at the person seated next to you. Make sure that you have a great start so that it will continue until the end of the trip. If you already have a negative start, it could be awkward all throughout. Imagine being seated next to a person you despite for the next ten hours. Asking favor from your seatmate would also be easier if you started right.

Wait until the row in front of you deplanes before you do

It is also annoying if you rush towards the exit and deplane before the row before you does. Allow them to get out first until it is your turn to do so.

Being inside the plane is uncomfortable and most people hate flying. The least that you can do is to not annoy others and be understanding.

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