Tips to Have a Smooth Airport Security Check

Airport Security Check

Going through the airport security could be a hassle. You have to remove parts of your clothing, open your bags for inspection and many others. You might even end up throwing away some of your belongings because you had no idea they were not allowed in planes. If you don’t want to go through the same hassle again, these are some tips to remember.

Pick the right line

Pick the right line

Before you queue up, you need to check the line. If there’s a long queue, it means that the security check is quite strict, or there are issues in front that caused the problem. You need to look for a different line where you think the movement would be smooth. Find one where people are only holding a small laptop bag or none at all.

Prepare yourself ahead of time

Remove your belt, empty your pockets, place all the coins in your bags, and hold your gadgets. It would be easy for you to go through security if you’re ready. Finish up what you’re drinking and throw the bottle on the bin which is usually located before the security check. In case you forgot to keep your toiletries in your check-in luggage, and they contain items you couldn’t carry on board, you have no choice but to throw them away.

Dress down

You don’t need to be in your best attire if you’re going to take a plane. It’s not like you’re heading straight to a business meeting. If you do, you can place your extra clothes on your carry-on luggage so you can change as soon as you land. You don’t want to remove them as you go through security check and take more time putting them back. It’s okay to wear a jacket given how cold it is inside the plane, but you need to take it off before going through security.

Limit your electronic devices

Checking electronic devices could take a lot of time. Make sure that you don’t bring a lot of them with you. Leave some of your gadgets behind unless you’re heading for a transaction where those items are necessary. Place the huge electronic devices in one bag so you can quickly remove them for inspection. You also need to understand the requirements. For instance, power banks are allowed only up to a certain amount of power. If it goes beyond that, it will be thrown away.

Be polite and friendly

It could be frustrating and exhausting when you already went through a lot, and you still have to wait in line due to the overwhelming number of passengers, and how strict the security check is. Despite that, you need to stay calm. The security officers are doing their best and they’re also as frustrated as you. Some passengers are difficult to deal with, and they even insist on bringing items that they’re not supposed to. The airport is generally a difficult environment, so you have to be patient.

With these tips, you will get through security soon and have a safe flight.

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