Ways to Refuse an Offer When You’re in Another Country


Saying no when you’re in a different country could be deemed as being rude. For instance, when someone offers you something to eat, you have to accept it. The problem is that some people take advantage of this culture. They will convince you to buy something or follow them even if they’re not offering anything that will benefit you. If you’re offered a food that you couldn’t eat, you have no choice but to say no. These are some tips to help you refuse an offer without being rude.

Explain your reason

When you couldn’t accept something to eat because you’re allergic or you have dietary restrictions, you have to explain it. Even if these people have a practice of not saying no, they also understand that you came from a different culture. You have your own reason for declining the offer. They won’t insist if you politely explain why you can’t accept.

Don’t look like a dumb tourist

It’s easy for some people to take advantage of you if you look like you don’t know where you are, or what’s going on. When you’re on the streets, you have to be confident. Pretend that you know everything in the area. Don’t keep asking around. Research well so you know where you’re going. It would be difficult for some people to take advantage of you if they think you’ve been around the city for a while. You won’t have to say no if you don’t get offered something in the first place.

Be assertive

When you already said no, you already made yourself clear. If you get asked again, you have to walk away or pretend you didn’t hear the question. You can’t keep saying no and explain yourself over and over again. Besides, you were polite the first time you refused the offer.

Save the police station’s number on your speed dial

If you’re still forced to buy something or to follow someone, it’s already illegal. You need to call the authorities right away. Save the contact number of the local authorities or anyone you know so that you can report what’s going on. For some people, the threat of getting reported to the police will force them to back out. Again, you need to insist and don’t look frail.

Don’t go out alone

Don’t go out alone

If you’re traveling to unfamiliar places and it’s your first time to be there, it helps to travel as a group. There’s less possibility of being scammed or forced to do something you don’t want if you’re in a group. Your number is already intimidating enough. It also helps to be in a group tour during these instances so that a local will be there to help you.

You can say no if there are offers you dislike. It might be rude, but you have the right to refuse. You also need to study more about the background of the place where you’re going so you will feel more confident during the trip.

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